Kylian Mbappé the most difficult decision in his young age | National teams

It is no secret to anyone that the desire of any player in his first steps in professionalism is undoubtedly to represent his country in the National Team. This was the dream of Kylian Mbappé that in his early days he never imagined a career full of great challenges to fulfill. Well, no one told him that it was going to be easy to be on Real Madrid’s radar at his young age and be one of the jewels.

One of the most difficult decisions for any player must be when they receive the call from Real Madrid. Hard weeks for Kylian Mbappé who finally renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, earning criticism from all over Spain. The richest player in the world, but not sportingly, maintained the journalist of Diario AS, Tomás Roncero.

However, the most complicated decision that Kylian Mbappé had came at the European Championship at the age of 22 when he contemplated resigning from the national team. Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football Federation spoke with the newspaper Le Journal de Dimanche and confirmed that this possibility existed. Mbappé missed one of the penalties that ended France’s path in the round of 16, sentencing the French against Switzerland.

The pressure of the fifth penalty was present, and Kylian Mbappé could not score it. The conversation with the newspaper recently quoted, the president maintained, ‘I met with him after the European Championship. He felt that the federation had not defended him from the criticism he faced after missing the penalty. We meet for five minutes in my office. He was angry, he didn’t want to play for the French team anymore. You know how he is; he is a winner, he was very frustrated, like all of us, by the elimination. He is very media friendly. He’s a great guy, much more collective than people think.’

Although Noël Le Graët understood that the decision passed through the ruling, Kylian Mbappé said that he did not feel the support of the French Football Federation because racist criticism rained down on him and Kylian could not take it anymore and thought about leaving the national team.



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