Kylian Mbappé chains baskets in the NBA Draft

The world champion was on the side of Brooklyn during the NBA Draft. He did not resist the temptation to shoot a few baskets, enough to make Stephen Curry jealous (or almost).

The NBA effect is turning heads. Kylian Mbappé got caught up in the game of the American show this Thursday evening at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Just before attending the NBA Draft, where 4 French people were selected, the French football star tried his hand at basketball. And he is almost as skilled with his hands as with his feet our national Kiki. The proof in video, published on his Instagram account.

A few days ago, Mbappé had even formalized his love for the Brooklyn Nets, posing proudly with the gray jersey, flocked with Kevin Durant’s famous number 7. Conversion all found for Mbappé? We hope not! There is still a third star to seek in Qatar. Messages to the Americans: you already defeat us every four years at the Olympics so if in addition you take Kylian from us…



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