Koen Casteels in goal, Welsh coach does not want to push players: “I play in function of the World Cup” | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

The Red Devils take on “angstgegner” Wales tonight in Cardiff. After an embarrassment against the Netherlands, the statement came against Poland. The national team hopes to reconfirm against “old acquaintances” Wales. Follow the news from the Devil’s camp here.

  1. in advance, 12 noon.
  2. in advance, 12 o’clock 06. Goalkeeper Hennessey is ready to play. Wales striker Kieffer Moore, midfielder Joe Morrell and goalkeeper Danny Ward are out due to injuries. Goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey is ready to play. †
  3. in advance, 09h25. Transferitis at Bale. Gareth Bale also spoke to the press at Cardiff City Stadium, but the former most expensive footballer on the planet was all about his upcoming transfer, having closed the gates of Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium behind him. †
  4. 11-06-2022.
  5. before, 10.25 pm. Welsh national team coach, Rob Page : “Playing for the World Cup”. Wales is still in full euphoria after the historic qualification for Qatar. Last week they beat Ukraine in the final of the European World Cup jump-off and as a result they are at the end of this year for the first time since 1958 at the World Cup. What follows for them in the Nations League (which they started with 2 defeats), is first and foremost preparation for the World Cup. “Before the tournament starts in Qatar, there is no more room for practice matches. We therefore want to get information from the match against Belgium with a view to the World Cup,” said Welsh national coach Rob Page today. “We would like to stay in the A-division: we fought for that and we have the right to be here. But the calendar did not play in our favor and we have to admit that the focus in this campaign was on the final of the jump-offs. We want to win every game, but let’s not forget that the players have had a long and tough season.” “We are preparing the match against the Belgians as usual, but at the same time we are planning the World Cup. I am not going to push my players to the limit, at the risk of jeopardizing their preparation for the season. That would be another could have an effect on September and then November, with the World Cup. Our players have to be fit then. We need them all.” †
  6. before, 22h23. We have to admit that the focus in this campaign was on the final of the World Cup jump-off. Rob Page, Wales national team coach.
  7. before, 7 p.m. 57. Meunier: “Still not in favor of the Nations League”. Thomas Meunier has been critical of the Nations League in the past. Dortmund’s right-back hasn’t changed his mind yet. “The Nations League brings in money. That is why we as a national team have to participate in the tournament. It is mentally and physically difficult to charge yourself as a player for extra matches after a long season. calendars.” I’ve never been a fan, I still am. As players, we also have very little say in the team’s program. We’d better take an example from the United States, there’s better cross-pollination there.” .
  8. in advance, 19h48. Question marks at De Ketelaere, Mertens and Onana out. Romelu Lukaku did not board the plane today. So don’t look for the number 9 between the lines tomorrow. In addition to Lukaku, there are 3 more players who are uncertain for the game against Wales, the national coach announced. “Onana came here with us, but is not ready to play. Dries Mertens will not show up either. We have to be careful with Dries, so hopefully we can play him against Poland on Tuesday. Charles De Ketelaere must be examined in turn. in the previous game he received a hard blow to his calf, so for the time being he is doubtful for tomorrow. More news about him later.” †
  9. in advance, 7:40 PM. No drastic changes. “We are not going to make any drastic changes to the game sheet against Wales tomorrow,” Roberto Martinez told today’s press conference. “Of course, we will look at the playing minutes that some players already have on the counter. That is why there will be four to five changes, Koen Casteels will be between the posts tomorrow. But completely mixing up our team makes no sense. We are going to make small and targeted adjustments game by game.” Will tastemaker Leandro Trossard also get his place in the base? “We’ll see. He played well last match and cashed in on his good form with two goals. But I don’t just look at the goals. It is positive that he also shows us that he has made huge strides this season. Leandro is important to us whether he starts or not.” †
  10. In advance, 7 p.m. 40


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