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Summer high school baseball Miyagi tournament combination lottery starts on July 5th

A combination lottery for the summer high school baseball Miyagi tournament, which starts on July 5, was held. Ikuei Sendai and Shibata, both schools who participated in Senbatsu in the spring of 2021, will collide in the first round.

At the venue, there were 64 team captains from 70 participating schools, and as in the previous year, they were seated one by one as an infection control measure.

The lottery was conducted by allocating the top 8 schools such as Sendai Ikuei, who won the spring prefectural tournament, to each block as seed schools.

This tournament has many powerful teams even without seeds. Shibata, who participated in Senbatsu in 2021, took on the match against No. 1 seed Sendai Ikuei. Captain Shibata / Kameyama Tenma “I’m sure I’ll win in order to go to Koshien. I wonder if it’s easier to win than in the final. I want to do my best.”

In addition, the player oath was decided by Captain Sasaki Kai of Miyagi Hirose.

Captain Hirose Miyagi and Kai Sasaki “Because it’s a big role, I want to make an oath that players can get off to a good start.”

We will introduce the combinations for each of the eight blocks.

First of all, A block. 1st seed Sendai Ikuei and Shibata will play in the first round.

It is a B block. Seed School Wellness Miyagi will play against Kurokawa, and Furukawa will play against Kashimadai Commercial in the same northern area.

It is a C block. Seed school Sendai Ichitaka will play Sendai Minami, and Rifu, the best four in the fall of the previous year, will play Ishinomaki Commercial.

It is a D block. Sendai Mitaka, who won second place in the previous year with the 4th seed, will play against Shibata Norin, and Natori Kita will play against Tagajo.

It is an E block. The 3rd seed Furukawa Gakuen will play against Shizugawa. Tohoku Gakuin, who participated in Koshien the previous year, will play against Furukawa Technical High School.

It is an F block. Seed School Toryokoto will play against Izumi, who has a good pitcher, and Kesennuma Mukai will play against Miyagi Kogyo.

It is a G block. Tohoku Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka of Seed School will play against Reimei Furukawa. Sanuma vs. Seiwa Gakuen is also a battle to keep an eye on.

It is an H block. 2nd seed Tohoku will play against Miyagi agriculture. Player oath Captain Sasaki Hirose will play against Ishinomaki Nishi.

The high school baseball Miyagi tournament starts on July 5th. At KHB, the opening ceremony, semi-finals, and finals will be broadcast live, and breaking news will be held until the quarter-finals! I will tell you at Aim Koshien.

In addition, all games will be broadcast live on the khb high school baseball official website.



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