Kevin Durant clears things up after Warriors title

During the Finals and even more after the Warriors title, we kept talking about Kevin Durant. The winger was at the heart of a lot of debate: was he really the leader of the Warriors in 2017, 2018? Was he better than Stephen Curry ? Then of course as he took a long time to react to the title, many said he must have had it bad that Steph Curry and his people regained a title before him.

In his podcast “The ETCs with Kevin Durant,” the two-time NBA champion cleared things up.

“I think ever since I’ve been in the league there’s been talk about me vs my teammates, like, me vs Russell (Westbrook), me vs Steph (Curry) and Draymond (Green), and now me vs Kyrie ( Irving) and James (Harden). And there’s a lot of people, when Golden State won, who were there saying, ‘Well, if they won that title, they could have easily won in 2017 and 2018 with somebody other than KD. .’ I ask myself: ‘Why anyone other than me?’ Like, why would you want to remove me from this group? You see what I mean ? So it’s irritating to hear that because I just want to watch basketball.

“And I like those guys too. I played basketball with them and was part of the dynasty they are building. I didn’t think it was a dynasty until now, until they won that fourth title. I have a certain pride, like I was part of something special, even if it was only two out of four titles, like JaVale McGee probably feels the same way I do. David West probably felt the same as me. We all arrived at the same time with the Warriors and we lived incredible moments.

And to see them wrap up those finals and carry on the dynasty, yeah, you get a sense of pride to be a part of it, but then you listen to what’s on TV and people are like, ‘KD should feel like this or like that. I was like, ‘Here we are, here we go again. Shit, let me enjoy what they do instead of opposing them’, because I will always defend myself. I’m not going to agree with you if you say I didn’t contribute to the dynasty. I contributed to it. So I don’t care if you think I’m attacking the Warriors. I will always take my side. You see what I mean ? Because I feel like I contributed positively every second I was in that room, whether it was training, shootarounds, games. Like, you won’t take that shit away from me. I will always hold this team in high esteem no matter how hard you try to turn my former teammates against me, lie about my name and say I’m jealous and envious of these guys. come on man, it’s childish. »



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