Kevin Durant, annoyed, turns on Charles Barkley!

Kevin Durant no longer hides to respond to his detractors. On the social network Twitter, the Brooklyn Nets winger regularly takes the floor to settle his accounts. And after the coronation of the Golden State Warriors, the star did not appreciate an exit from Charles Barkley.

Indeed, the TNT consultant felt that KD needed to win a title by being “the chauffeur” of his team, that is to say the absolute leader, to obtain the respect of the elders. Sacred twice with the Warriors, the 33-year-old answered him curtly.

“All that shit is ugly. Another terrible analogy of a hateful old head who can’t accept that we make more money than them. It’s just about timing Chucky, don’t hate gamers “, threw Kevin Durant.

Unsurprisingly, the Washington native is fed up with the debates around the Warriors and him. Moreover, several observers have also disputed Barkley’s remarks. New Orleans Pelicans fullback CJ McCollum notably recalled that KD was “the chauffeur” on the two titles won by Golden State in 2017 and 2018.

Kevin Durant will probably be keen to respond on the court next season as well.

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