Kervignac. Subsidies to associations voted on by the council

The city council of Kervignac (Morbihan) took place on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Grants for associations

€42,952.88 was allocated to associations, including €32,287.88 to sports associations: Aerodanse 2,318.38; badminton, €4,267; cycle tourism €634.36; soccer €8,626.86; Gym-vitality €969.16; handball, €4,059.13; judo, €1,633.46; karate, €1,593.33; tennis, €4,727.24; table tennis, €686.93; archery, €1,719.36; ACCA, €377.60; Layla Mahana, €672.88.

Two cultural associations are supported: Relaxation activities, €1,232 and the bagad bro Kervignac, €800.

Also various local associations: nursery assistants, €100; Veterans’ Association, €290; festival committee, €500; Agricultural union, €100; K games of Leprechauns, €100; Shapes and colors, €900; ACCA, €431; APPP, €350; Feet in the mud, €4,000.

The associations of the Pays de Lorient including Don du sang Volontaire de Port-Louis, Les Mains dans le sable and Espoir Amité Hennebont each receive €80; ADMR, €568.

Fifteen Morbihan associations receive €60 each, except EFA 56 which receives €54.

Jean-Marc Le Pallec, of the opposition group Let’s continue together for Kervignac, wonders: We note that some associations are experiencing a significant increase in members and that this does not increase their subsidy..

The number of members is not the only criterion for awarding grants. answers Elodie Le Floch, the mayor.

Right of first refusal

The municipality has chosen to pre-empt, via a delegation to the EPF (Public Land Establishment) of Brittany, a property located rue de Keranna, this after the receipt in April of a declaration of intent to alienate (DIA).

It is a property of 2,854 m2 composed of several buildings. This property located in the heart of the village and opposite the nursing home represents an opportunity for the municipality. There are many possibilities for development, says the mayor.


The municipal council voted unanimously to acquire a heavy truck for the technical services (estimated cost €200,000) and to update the provisional financing plan for the local youth office, the City having received €180,000 grant under the plan, representing 49% of total funding.

Street names

Street names were also on the agenda, particularly in the Kermel plain where it was decided to illustrate three women painters who have highlighted the territory in their works : Jeanne Malivel, Élodie La Villette and Caroline Espinet.


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