Karina Maruyama, Nana Suzuki and others verify with a snappin “Woman who wants to say Atsushi Ronbu” 2nd – Sirabee

In the second installment of the shopping variety show “Woman Who Wants to Call Atsushi Ronbu” broadcast on July 3, the female guests will make a strict decision.

From 4:00 pm on July 3rd, the shopping variety “Woman who wants to say Atsushi Ronbu” (TBS series) will be broadcasted by London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 and Atsushi Tamura as MC. The first broadcast in December last year was a sensation, and the second broadcast has been decided.

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■ Purchase the product you want on your own

A woman who wants to be called Atsushi Ronbu

This time as well, the guest “women who want to say” ask the presenter questions about the features of the product and the differences from other products, and purchase only the products that they want after being convinced.

The four “women who want to say” who don’t wear their teeth this time are Naomi Matsushima, a laughing talent who continues to appear last time, Kaori Matsumoto, a former judoka player, and Karina Maruyama and Nana Suzuki, who are talents. Matsushima, who will be appearing for the second time, stated her enthusiasm, “I will say what I want to say this time as well.”

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■ Atsushi restrains the “woman who wants to say”

On the other hand, MC Atsushi said before recording, “The result was that the product that all the guests didn’t want last time was actually the best sold.” “It’s up to the guests to not buy it, but last time. There was a subtle atmosphere in the studio, so I would intervene and follow the guest’s words that were too overwhelming, “he said.

However, it seems that he was devising countermeasures based on the lessons learned from the previous time, and he said, “This time, I asked the manufacturer to prepare a mechanism to prevent the comments of the guests from being heard by the manufacturer, so I wonder if it’s okay.” rice field.



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