[K-1 RING OF VENUS]MIO and Miyuu Sugawara are enthusiastic about a complete settlement “I can’t lose to such a cute child” Take the lead role in the tournament | Akita Sakigake Shinpo Electronic Edition

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MIO (C) ORICON NewS inc. Who will participate in the first Atom-class championship tournament in

MIO (C) ORICON NewS inc. Who will participate in the first Atom-class championship tournament in “K-1 WORLD GP JAPAN RING OF VENUS”.

K-1’s first women’s competition “K-1 WORLD GP JAPAN RING OF VENUS” will be held on June 25th at Yoyogi Stadium No. 2 Gymnasium in Tokyo. Interview with MIO (27) who will participate in the first Atom-class championship tournament. She heard her thoughts on the tournament.

[Video]MIO declares war on his nemesis Miyuu Sugawara “Overwhelmingly defeat and become a champion!”

The first card announced at the memorable K-1’s first women’s tournament was the first women’s atom-class championship tournament. In the women’s division of K-1, the second title, the atom class, will be created, and the first women’s atom class title will be decided by a one-day tournament by four people. The combination of participating players and tournaments has also been decided. In the first round, MIO vs. Payerphone Ayutthaya Fight Jim and Miyuu Sugawara vs. Kiyoshi Matsutani, and the winners of each match will compete for the final with the belt of the first female Atom-class title.

■ Is the kicker who started martial arts wearing judo?Go around to kickboxing gym
–What made you start martial arts?
[MIO]I started when I was in the second grade of elementary school, but when I was in the first grade of elementary school, a girl was wearing judo clothes in a drama for children that I happened to see. Seeing that, I thought that the gap of “Keikogi for girls” was cool. So I told my mom. However, I didn’t know the word “judo” and said “I want to do karate!”. So I went to a kickboxing gym nearby. I made a lot of mistakes and arrived at it (laughs).

――It doesn’t feel like you had a strong fighting spirit.
[MIO]I don’t think it was like that at all. However, I may have hated to lose. She has an older sister who is 5 years older than her, but she was bullied a lot (laughs). She wanted to win it (laughs).

――What episode do you hate to lose to your sister?
[MIO]It’s a type that is hidden inside. So, I didn’t put out too much and I was mellow (laughs). I always thought, “Damn, I’ve got it back someday!”

――What is your chance to start over?
[MIO]I didn’t (laughs). Before I knew it, I became friends!

–What is the highlight as a fighter?
[MIO]The only thing I can say is that I have a career more than anyone else. I think the technique side is second to none.

――What points do you want to see in the match?
[MIO]I hope I can show you a heartfelt match this time. If you think “I’m enthusiastic”.

–The best match so far is
[MIO]Match against Mako Yamada in K-1 (“K’FESTA.4 Day.2” in March last year. Play against undefeated professional Mako Yamada and make the former professional boxing world champion vivid K-1’s first victory by taking two downs at the punch counter). It was a good match for me to be able to punch down and win against the boxing title player. I think I was able to show you that you can beat it.

–What are the points of costumes and admission songs?
[MIO]I’ve always liked yellow costumes and have continued to use vitamin colors. It’s almost a good year, and I recently changed to black to calm down (laughs). But this time, I’m planning to change to vitamin color again (laughs). I hope you look forward to it. The admission song CREAM’s “Shooting Star” has been using the same song for a long time. When I was just a professional, I was in a car with my dad, and when I was talking about a song I liked and listened to, “It’s kind of like an admission song,” my dad said “it’s okay.” rice field. My dad rarely says that, so I chose this.

■ “I want to wrap my belt with Sugawara” who vows to win a complete settlement with Miyuu Sugawara, who has 1 win and 1 loss.

――What is the appeal of female players’matches that men’s matches do not have?
[MIO]There is a difference that the number of KOs is smaller than that of boys, but girls really feel strong. Everyone has a fighting spirit that we have hidden, so I would like you to see it. I’m smiling, but the truth is that my feelings are burning. I think the gap is attractive.

–On June 19th, there will be “THE MATCH 2022” where Takeru and Tenshin Nasukawa will fight, and it will be the tournament immediately after that. It will be a match at the timing when martial arts attract a lot of attention.
[MIO]I thought, “Even if you wear a big tournament, it’s a song …”, but if you think about it carefully, you can play a match before the fever cools down after the tournament that attracts a lot of attention. I really appreciate it. I would like to bring a good flow to K-1 girls.

――It seems to be a new start.
[MIO]This is the first K-1 women’s tournament, so I think history will start to move. I think it’s important to see who will take the lead role.

――It will be a one-day tournament. How to fight.
[MIO]I will hit everything from the first round so that I will not regret it. I’m thinking of going with the feeling that it’s okay to burn out in the first round.

――What is your impression of Payaphone Ayutthaya Fight Jim in the first round?
[MIO]Strong! I’ve always been interested in players and my ability is messed up. There is technique and power. I’m still young and scary from now on. I think I’ll crush it now.

――I think that what many fans are paying attention to when they win is the complete settlement with Miyuu Sugawara, who has 1 win and 1 loss.
[MIO]I want to win the first round and beat Sugawara overwhelmingly in the final to wind the belt. I would like to have Sugawara come up firmly and develop a game where everyone will say “War !!!”.

–What is your impression of Sugawara?
[MIO]It’s really solid compared to when I first saw it. I’m scared. I’m really bad at it … So I want to win! I can’t lose to such a cute girl, really!

–Are there any future goals?
[MIO]Right now, I only think about the tournament. The moment the match is over, I think it will come down suddenly as to what I want to do. I’m thinking of waiting for that time. I would like to look forward to the day as to what my next goal will be.

–Finally, your enthusiasm for “K-1 WORLD GP JAPAN RING OF VENUS”, the first women’s tournament.
[MIO]This is the first women’s tournament and has attracted a lot of attention. There are various fighters such as the main KANA player. I want to take the overwhelming protagonist and become a person who won’t complain to anyone.



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