June | 2022 | Judo Heitersheim

On Saturday, June 25th, 2022, the 4 Heitersheim judokas, Grigori Teuffen (up to 60 kg), Philipp Geimer (up to 66 kg), Lucas Steinebronner (up to 81 kg) and Paul Neumaier (plus 90 kg) drove to the heavily attended judo tournament in Liechtenstein, called Liechtenstein Open. Fighters from Northern Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and of course Liechtenstein were at the start and well represented in the respective weight classes. In his first competition ever, Grigori was able to assert himself and climbed to the top of the podium. Philipp, on the other hand, was caught on the wrong foot and had to admit defeat to a host in his first fight of the day. After that he was better in the duels and finally became the sovereign bronze medal winner. It was unfortunate for Lucas. After a good start, he lost twice by a hair’s breadth to very strong international opponents. But no one can take such an experience on such a big stage from him.
In his strongest weight class, Paul fought his way through against athletes who already have a lot of experience and took an excellent 4th place.on the picture from front to back: Paul Neumaier, Philipp Geimer, Grigori Teuffen and others.
Lucas Steinebronner

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