Judo: who is Keziah Harvent, the beautiful 88 kg baby who is aiming for the title of European champion as a cadet?

The pressure of the status of junior champion of France acquired on April 3 slipped on his kimono. Like the prospect of a selection that will have to be earned to participate in the European Youth Olympic Festival (July 24 to 30 in Banská Bystrica in Slovakia) and, above all, in the world championships (August 24 to 27 in Sarajevo in Bosnia) . “ Keziah is a gamerconfides Guillaume Avril, his trainer since 2016. He likes to have fun. He is the first to roll on the tatami or throw himself on a skateboard at the risk of injury before a big competition. »

“Keziah is a very beautiful athlete”

Without pressure but not without ambition – he is aiming for European and world titles – the 17-year-old knows he has a shot to play before joining the junior category where the level is already close to that of the seniors. Because, for now, Keziah Harvent can count on a comparative advantage over his opponents: his impressive physique. 1.82 m for 88 kg of muscles. Not common at this age. “ Keziah is a very good athleteconfirms Guillaume Avril. He has much more strength than his opponents in the same category. »

As a cadet, my strength allows me to win more easily but as a junior it will no longer be enough.

In his underpants while he puts on his kimono for the photo shoot, the young judoka shows off his bulging pectorals and drawn chocolate bars. “ As a cadet, my strength allows me to win more easily but as a junior it will no longer be enough. I need to improve in technique, speed, liveliness and strategy », Lists, lucid, the one who has always been able to count on an advantageous size. “ My body developed right from puberty and I started working out very early.. I have always been more trained than my opponents which allowed me to win from my first tournaments. »

Before being crowned as a cadet, he had already won the minimal French Cup in 2019. “greatest emotion which made him realize his potential. He who started judo at the age of seven in the wake of a Sunday judoka dad and globetrotter. Born in the Basque Country, Keziah Harvent grew up in Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and Gironde before landing at La Couronne in 2016.

Congratulations Keriah Harvent La Couronne Grand-Angoulême JUDO champion of France cadets 2022 in-90 kg! One more French champion at La Couronne!

Posted by Jean-Francois Daure on Sunday, April 3, 2022

At Creps de Bordeaux, which he joined at the start of the school year after a season at the Pôle France d’Orléans, the boy now focuses on working on his judo by spending more time on the tatami than in the gym. . “ He still has a lot of work to do at the technical level before reaching the senior level “, notes Guillaume Avril, who hopes that his colt will retain the carelessness that makes him an unpredictable fighter. “ In Strasbourg, in the final of the European Cup, he pulled out a gesture that came out of nowhere, something you don’t learn in training. It’s disturbing for the trainer but it’s effective. »

The Olympics: a distant dream

If he has not lost the innocence of his young age, the judoka nevertheless keeps his head on his shoulders. “ Pragmatic “, by his own admission, he struggles to project himself on a possible career in judo. “ The Olympics make me dream but it’s very far in my mind “, explains the first professional student, who is heading towards mechanical studies. “ It’s important to have your back. An injury and judo, it’s over. »

If there is a place to take in France in the under 90 kg category behind the veteran Axel Clerget (35), Olympic team champion in Tokyo and double world bronze medalist, the road is still long. “ Keziah is the best Frenchman in his category but to represent France as a senior you have to be the best of ten generations “recalls Guillaume Avril.

Keziah Harvent is the best Frenchman in his age category.

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