Judo: Giuffrida third in the 52 kg in Antalya, tenth podium in a Grand Slam

Judo: Giuffrida terza nei 52 kg ad Antalya, decimo podio in un Grand Slam"/>

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Antalya, April 1 – (Adnkronos) – On the first day of the judo Grand Slam that brought 525 athletes from 63 nations to Antalya, Turkey, Odette Giuffrida climbs to the third step of the podium in 52 kg: for the tenth time in her career in a Grand Slam . The blue started her race by overtaking the Turkish Dilara Lokmanhekim, then the South African Charne Griesel and the Brazilian Larissa Pimenta (Bra). Stopped in the semifinals by the Uzbek Diyora Keldiyorova, who in the world ranking is flanked by the Italian, in the final for the third place she won the golden score on the Mongolian Khorloodoi Bishrelt.

Seventh place in the 60 kg, instead, for Angelo Pantano who won at the opening of the race on the Uzbek Kemran Nurillaev, then on the Azeri Turan Bayramov, to then stop in the quarters in front of Yung Wei Yang (Tpe), later winner of the category and, in the recovery, with the Portuguese Rodrigo Costa Lopes.

The other blues in the race on the first day were Sofia Petitto who, in the 48 kg, was overtaken by the German Katharina Menz, an excellent Giulia Carna who in the 52 kg overtook the Romanian Cleonia Riciu and then gave in with the Israeli Gefen First, number 6 in the ranking. In the 57 kg Miriam Boi was stopped by the French Faiza Mokdar, while in the 66 kg Elios Manzi was defeated by the Estonian Viljar Lipard and Mattia Miceli, after passing the Hungarian Bence Mathe stopped in front of the Brazilian William Lima.

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