Judo-Club Ahrensburg eVSonja’s last training (June 15, 2022)

Sonja’s last workout (June 15, 2022)

For health reasons, Sonja Kripke is now also ending her coaching career at JC Ahrensburg. 23 judoka showed up for their last training session.

Sonja was allowed to conduct the very large group again.

As a farewell, there was the traditional “belt-knocking”.

After two moving speeches by sports director Eric Dankwarth and club chairman Soenke Stange, there was a bouquet of flowers and long applause.

This was followed a little wistfully by Sonja’s last “Rei”.

Many thanks Sonja for your many years of work as chairman and trainer. We will particularly miss the traditional “end-of-the-year training session with Sonja”, where the mat was always packed just before the turn of the year. But “you never really go that far”, so we hope to be able to welcome you on the mat or on the edge from time to time.

The adult group on Wednesday evening will be led by Christian Kutzner, Eric Dankwarth and Tjark Dinter from June 22nd.

On June 29th, the training of this group is canceled because Sonja is throwing another small farewell party.



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