Judo Center Novara: exams for athletes

Novara – On Saturday 18 June at the Boroli park in Novara the belt passing exams were held for all our judokas: an event that involved everyone, from the “baby judo” group dedicated to the children of the Kindergarten to the competitive judo. A beautiful event because it demonstrates how sport can unite by involving everyone: children, parents, relatives, friends and passers-by. Belt exams are always a moment of great celebration to crown all the work done during the year: 26 judokas from 17:00 to 20:00 occupied the tatami set up in the park. The new black belts of the Novara Judo Center Zoe Sirica and Guglielmo Barbiere made themselves available to hold the exams while the collaborator Giuseppe Saldi known as “Pippo” was able to supervise the two boys in this exciting moment. The examined for the passage to the white / yellow belt were: Vincenzo Marino, Francesco Robertini, Leonardo Origi, Pierfrancesco Micali, Giorgio Bovio and Alessia Vestali the last two “little ones” are sons of art in fact their respective fathers were the only two finalists at the Absolute Italian Championships which took place in Novara in 2011. Emanuele Vizzuso, Gabriel Turtusan, Iago Gelmetti, Alberto Cucchetti, Aurora Trevisan, Andrea Renzi, Alessandro renzi, Sara Gaboli, Loris D’Onofrio, Giorgia Autieri obtained the yellow belt , Tommaso Norma, Ilenia Vestali and Samuele Trevisan (author of the best daily performance). The orange belt was obtained by Maya Anchisi, Massimo Tiraboschi and by the brothers Mattia and Lorenzo Di Giorgio, green belt for Bruna Santos Santana and finally blue belt for Alessandro Murella and Simone Di Giorgio. The sporting season will officially end this weekend when the club will take part in the 6th Judo Summer Camp Forio d’Ischia. The coach Flavio Vestali explains that the 2021-2022 sports season was, despite the difficulties, a good season where many of our athletes participated in all the National Finals of Category B Beginners, Cadets and Juniors obviously we try to participate in December as well. Absolute Italian Championship to increase corporate prestige. For next year we have decided to raise the bar with new goals and given the “Cantera” of promising young people attending our tatami mats we can also be satisfied with this result. All the company staff believe that we must grow and improve day after day with sacrifices and self-denial and with time further and important results will not be long in coming. To conclude Saturday evening there was the premiere of the Gran Gala dello Sport of the City of Novara in the setting of the Pala Igor, on the occasion the Department of Sport in collaboration with CONI paid homage to about a hundred Novara sportsmen who distinguished themselves in recent years for sporting merits or of high technical value and we have had the honor of being represented by the athlete Marco Vestali for his medals won in the national and international sphere in recent years.

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