Judo: Borchashvili second at Grand Slam tournament in Mongolia

The Olympic bronze medalist from Tokyo won three fights in the 81 kg class on Saturday and lost in the final to South Korea’s Lee Joon-hwan, who had previously eliminated Olympic champion Takanori Nagase of Japan, with waza-ari. The 26-year-old from Wels received 350 points for the Olympic qualification for Paris 2024 for second place.

“It annoys me that I found my way into the fight against Lee too late. Only at the end did I fight the way I had planned,” Borchashvili was disappointed with the defeat in the final. Consolation came from ÖJV head coach Yvonne Bönisch: “Shamil was above all brave in combat today, and he also presented himself tactically against right-wing fighters much better than at the European Championships. We can be absolutely satisfied with this start to the Olympic qualification. “

In Mongolia, three ÖJV judoka were missing with Michaela Polleres, Katharina Tanzer and Daniel Allerstorfer due to corona infections.



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