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They do not stop arriving reactions regarding the title of National Athletic. The green paisa managed to beat the Sports Tolima in the Manuel Murillo Toro and with that he spun his estrella 17more than any other team in Colombia.

In the midst of praise, celebrations and others, a criticism reached the Antioquian village regarding the style shown under the management of Hernan Dario Herrera.

Through his YouTube channel, the journalist Juan Felipe Cadavid left his impressions of the final and was accurate regarding the level shown by the purslane team in the grand final.

“With fairness they were the champions, but in the analysis of the game I know that the coaching staff of Nacional will say that they already won, they took off that weight and now ‘we are going to make these boys play in a different way’ so that they do not dominate you as Tolima dominated you, so that they do not play you one on one as Tolima did in Medellín or Millionaires in El Campín”, he stressed.

And incidentally, he took the opportunity to point out the great mole of the consecration: “To be honest, Atlético Nacional lacked game, they had plenty of goals and hierarchy, as always”.

As expected, the fans of the green paisa did not take Cadavid’s analysis in a good way and returned the criticism, some with insults. Moreover, several assured that he spoke from the feelings of a Medellín fan, the city’s three-time rival.

The communicator’s response was immediate, this time from a ‘short’ (short video) also on YouTube:

“There are many fans of Atlético Nacional who are upset and say that the Medellin fan left me. I neither take it out nor hide that to criticize Nacional as I do because they don’t play well, nor to say that they are the best team in this country… No problem has been said. But what we do, it is my opinion, will not be the revealed truth. He is the champion with nothing illegal, with full justice, but playing soccer very badly. At least in the final with Deportes Tolima”.

After this, the reactions of the fan not only purslane but of football in general was more positive…



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