Journalist José “Pepe” Velasco passed away

Pepe Velasco began collaborating in the 1970s in the sports program of Radio Universidad, Córdoba Deportiva, then moved on to the radio news program, he also worked on the Channel 10 news program. Later he worked on Radio LV2, always talking about tennis. A fan of this sport.

He had a great journalistic participation in the 1978 World Cup in our city, being more than anything a presenter.

Pepe began working at the Municipality in 1991 as Press Director until 1999 and then continued to perform different functions, many linked to the sport of tennis, working with different collaborators of Dr. Rubén Américo Martí, such as Roberto Sposetti until he retired. Finally, he was Press Director at the Córdoba Tourism Agency.

At 75, Velasco was retired, had three daughters, and had lost his wife and another daughter many years earlier in a plane crash.

José “Pepe” Velasco passed away and journalism in Córdoba is in mourning.

His remains are veiled at Casa Despontín, at Avenida General Paz 377.

Pepe Velazco with Juan Carlos Lopresti
Pepe Velazco with Juan Carlos Lopresti


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