Jose Ramón Uriarte, from Indurain gregarious to suffocate the fires of Navarra

Joserra Uriarte is one of the firefighters who is helping to put out the fires in Navarra. / twitter

professional former cyclist

The Basque ex-cyclist, who was an important part of four of the Tours won by the Navarrese runner, is a firefighter for the Bizkaia Provincial Council

Eneko P. Carrasco

He has been one more among the hundreds and hundreds of firefighters who since Saturday have been suffering unspeakably to put out the serious fires that are devastating part of Navarra. José Ramón Uriarte (Igorre, 1967), a former professional cyclist who won the hearts of Basque fans in the 90s, has battled these days against the flames in the Autonomous Community, as have many other colleagues of his profession.

An image of him on social networks accompanied by the hose and with a burned landscape in the background has dusted the box of memories of dozens of tweeters, who have remembered his figure with great affection. Uriarte, who was a professional on two wheels for nine years -between 1990 and 1999-, starred in the role of domestique in four of the five Tours that legend Miguel Indurain took when they both ran for Banesto. He also played that role in the two Giros del de Villava.

But, without a doubt, what Joserra Uriarte can be most proud of is risking the guy to try to alleviate one of the most serious environmental catastrophes that Navarra has suffered in recent years. He has been a firefighter by profession for two decades and now, as in his time as a cyclist, he is putting his effort and dedication at the service of others. Like a good gregarious.

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