José (Astroboy) Altuve recounts his hard road to the Major Leagues on the pitch

The Venezuelan of the Houston Astros, José Altuve is a reference in the Major Leagues – MLB, but this Sunday he recalled his hard path to reach the best baseball in the world.

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Jose Altuve He is currently one of the Venezuelans with the greatest impact on the Grandes League – MLBbut he does not forget everything that happened before being what he is today, so much so that through a game in the 2022 season he remembered it in the middle of the field when he carried the microphone at second base for the Astros de Houston.

Through this Sunday’s game on Father’s Day against the Chicago White Sox, the television broadcast placed the microphone on Altuve and he recalled his time as a rookie prospect looking to sign for an MLB team, being a hard road, where he experienced rejection because of his height.

“I went to a lot of try-outs with different organizations and they always told me the same thing. That I could play, that I could run and hit, but I was very small, also at that time I weighed 138 pounds, I was very small and skinny so no one liked me and they didn’t give me the opportunity,” José Altuve told ESPN.

In addition, today’s starting second baseman for the Houston Astros recalled that experience with his father when he told him to try again, and Venezuelan coach Alfredo Pedrique, who at that time was chief scout of this MLB organization, came into his life. .

The day I returned, Alfredo Pedrique was there, who was the director of scouts for Latin America and he saw me playing, I am grateful to him because he gave me the opportunity, “added the Venezuelan.

It is good to remember that at that time Pedrique gave Altuve the opportunity, but he was also sincere from the beginning and told him that at that time the Astros organization did not have much of a budget, so they only offered him $15,000, which he did not It mattered to this dreamy young man who just wanted to play baseball.

Life went around and the story is another

AstroBoy went from being rejected, to now being one of the best players in the entire MLB, having remarkable hitting power and currently having many distinctions such as Gold Glove, MVP, batting titles, All-Star Games, World Series and much more.


From 2011 to 2022, the Maracay native has 1,832 hits, 176 home runs, 662 RBIs, 915 runs scored, 264 stolen bases and an average of .306.



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