John Collins transferred by the start of the Draft Thursday night?

The NBA Draft is almost 24 hours away and some rumors are getting hotter as the big ceremony approaches. As one of the players with a great chance of moving, the interior of the Hawks John Collins could potentially be traded by Thursday evening. We take stock.

John Collins is no stranger to rumours, but this time around they seem more concrete than ever. While the Hawks seem willing to let go of any player besides Trae Young (and potentially De’Andre Hunter who is eligible for a contract extension) to improve their roster for next season, many signals lead us to believe that a Collins deal is more or less imminent. Some of the top NBA insiders do agree that the 24-year-old insider won’t be wearing the Hawks jersey anytime soon. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, the Hawks are among the most aggressive teams on the market today and Collins should be included in any deal that potentially happens this week. For Marc Stein, the possibility of a JC transfer has never been higher than it is now, and a move from position 4 is widely expected across the League. And for Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report, the Hawks have the firm intention to move John Collins even before the start of the NBA Draft Thursday night in Brooklyn. This is still a number of fairly reliable indicators, it remains to be seen what type of deal the Falcons will manage to put in place to obtain an interesting consideration in exchange for JC.

The Kings – who own the #4 pick tomorrow night – are often mentioned as potential destinations for John Collins, with the Sacramento franchise looking to get as strong as they can in their desperate quest for the Playoffs. Zach Harper from The Athletic also swung other possible partners to set up a deal, notably citing the Celtics as a team that could potentially be interested in his services. According to colleague Chris Kirschner, who covers the Atlanta franchise year-round for The Athletichowever, do not expect to see the Hawks get rid of Collins to recover only capital draft, even if it is the choice #4 of the Kings or the choice #7 of the Blazers, which are the two picks often referred to as the most transferable. The insider believes that it would take at least one confirmed player in the package for such a deal to be possible., so that Atlanta is still competitive next year. This famous transfer that everyone is talking about may not be with Portland or Sacramento suddenly, but with another franchise. According to Chris Kirschner, several teams are at the time of these lines on the Collins file, except that one wonders which of them can really offer a package that has enough to seduce the boss Travis Schlenk. Among the transfer possibilities we’ve been hearing lately is the (slightly crazy) one mentioned recently by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, where Collins would go to Utah with Clint Capela, Kevin Huerter and the #16 pick of the Hawks against a… certain Rudy Gobert, who would thus become this famous second star sought by Atlanta. You do what you want with it.

Under contract for four more seasons and remaining on a campaign with 16 points – 8 rebounds – 1 against average, John Collins has something to interest some teams wanting to strengthen their internal sector. For the Hawks, it is in any case their best bargaining chip, and we can’t wait to see what they will do with it.

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