Johan Boskamp talks about Roberto Martinez: “Sorry guys!” – Football news

The past Nations League did not exactly go as national coach Roberto Martinez would have liked.

According to Johan Boskamp, ​​the matches against the Netherlands and Wales were not at all what was expected, but it was twice as good against Poland.

“What is clear is that there will be little new blood in the team for the World Cup. He has his regular men and he will not let them fall,” Boskamp told Het Belang van Limburg.

According to Boskamp, ​​the criticism was justified. “As a coach you have to rise above that. People are allowed to criticize. That is part of football and that also keeps you sharp as a coach. I also thought his reaction to Van Gaal’s joke was just bullshit. Apparently that man has as much sense of humor as a statue.”

The statue will not come after the World Cup, according to Boskamp. “A statue? I fear it. He has done a fantastic job over the past six years and forged a great squad, but I don’t think he can become world champions in Qatar anymore. That should have happened in Russia in 2018. Now it’s too late. Sorry guys!”

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