Johan Arango: Tulio Gómez talks about his possible retirement according to information from the press in Cali | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Tulio Gomezlargest shareholder of America of Cali, recently referred to the list of players he tried to sign at his club and who did not convince the coach at the time, Juan Carlos Osorio. The director referred to the particular cases of Dayro Moreno and Hugo Rodallega. The topic arose after mentioning undisciplined talents like Dayro, whom he surrendered this semester with Bucaramanga. It was there that the name of Johan Arango emerged.

In the middle of the talk with the program Mao’s Corrillo, the journalist “El Tigre” Morales indicated that Johan Arango would retire from soccer to dedicate himself to his personal business. It should be remembered that the attacker managed to play a few games this year with Jaguares. “I met a friend of his and he told me (…) He wants to be an influencer and he is going to settle in the United States, he works with bitcoin currencies and he is going to retire,” the journalist mentioned.

Tulio Gómez took advantage of the information provided by the journalist to indicate that “it is a regret” that a player with so many conditions was lost due to indiscipline. “I told three technicians, Johan Arango, what quality. That boy has a virtue, once when he was in Jaguares I met him in Montería and I told him, Johan, you are very talented, judge yourself “.

And he continued saying “he told me: ‘I go out at night to party and I come to train and I eat them all in training’. He is privileged, he was never injured, he lacked discipline, but what a shame, he is a good boy, a good person, but very rumberoWhat a pity,” Tulio stressed about the 31-year-old from Cali, who passed through America in 2013, and who could have returned if it were not for the fact that the technicians gave him a thumbs down as a result of his scandals.

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