Joan Laporta’s carrot

Ever since we met him, Joan Laporta has been using the carrot tactic. He puts the bait in front of him, takes advantage of his charisma and communication skills and the culer usually buys him the message he sends. He practiced with Beckham in exchange for signing Rüstü in the return leg and has started the second stage at the box office abusing the trick. It’s a way to dampen the pressure and gain the time needed to master what is now so much valued, the control of the story.

To avoid the collective depression of Barcelona, ​​we have experienced a few of these in the last year. From the famous roast which was to ensure the continuity of Messi in the hypothetical hiring of Haaland or the ridiculous serial organized with the renewal of Dembélé, going through the last bait, for the time being, lived at the expense of Lewandowski. And so, whoever spends the day, pushes the year. Before the end of the first team’s season for stonemasonry, he proclaimed that Barça’s economy could be healed in four days, a statement that leaves the eyes orange. As of June 30, tidy and clean bills like a paten. Live it to see it.

For the time being, however, the direction of the speech is changing and he takes the opportunity to denounce the plenipotentiary interventionism of Mr. Javier Tebas. The strategy of injecting optimism into a vein in the butt is over. Now he prefers the drawing of a frightening reality, based on a Gordian knot impossible to untie. We can spend our lives cursing Josep Maria Bartomeu and his legacy, but it will be useless. It will be necessary to act quickly in an imaginative, forceful way, to stand up to the LFP and dismiss footballers with a valid contract, all at once. Solutions no longer professional, but full of risk. Instead of putting carrots that, in the end, are reduced to a continued demand for blind trust in the leader, it is almost better to change strategy and be honest with the Catalan audience.

Barça is in danger of experiencing a new journey through the desert in its history and the rush is not a good travel companion. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. Mastery of the story does not mean inventing it because in the end they will hold you accountable, the person most responsible. You will have to work hard in a minimum of time to simply prevent the team from continuing to be depressed and down the steps in the continental concert. Without football power there will be no income, simple as that. Touch drastic pragmatism and forget the carrot.


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