JITAN BODY Seitaiin Joetsu Judo Rehabilitation Job Information (Regular Staff) | Job Medley for Job Change[Official]

Introducing the Seitaiin JITAN BODY

It is a manipulative clinic that values ​​”the hard work is reflected firmly while valuing private time”.
We believe that working staff must first be happy in order to increase customer satisfaction.
For this reason, we aim to value both work and personal life with a sharp focus, such as “almost no overtime, 8th to 13th of the month off”.
In terms of technology, we also provide various training and follow-up steps, so there are many opportunities for growth.
Results are required in a short treatment time of 10 minutes, so you can acquire certain skills.

  • “JITAN BODY Seitaiin Joetsu” is looking for a judo rehabilitator! Depending on your efforts, newcomers can play an active role as director within a year.
  • From staff to officers, 13 steps can be taken. We also have a training system, and we have an environment where anyone can take on challenges if they are motivated.
  • With the training system, you can firmly learn the time-saving treatment. In addition, technical training and voluntary study sessions are also held, and it is an environment where you can aim to improve your skills while being stimulated every day.

Would you like to work with us to create a manipulative clinic that is selected based on the treatment results?
We are waiting for your application.



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