Jerami Grant leaves the Pistons to join the Blazers!

We knew the Blazers could potentially get us a big deal ahead of Thursday night’s NBA Draft. And we also knew that Jerami Grant was one of their targets. Result, this Wednesday, a deal sending the Pistons winger to Oregon materialized!

By sacrificing last season and cleaning up its workforce, Portland had prepared the ground to better rebuild around Damian Lillard. And this express reconstruction has officially begun. Indeed, Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN has just dropped a bombshell announcing the transfer of Jerami Grant to the Blazers in exchange for a first-round draft pick, but not this year’s. If the Blazers were to be expected to use their #7 pick to get a player of Grant’s caliber, they still have their 2022 Draft first-round pick in their back pocket, having finally dropped a first-round pick. 2025 at the Pistons. In addition to that, Detroit also got a swap pick from the Blazers this year, a 2025 Draft second-round pick, and the most favorable 2026 second-round pick between Portland and New Orleans.

Full trade summary:

Direction Portland : Jerami Grant (who arrives via the exception trade at $21 million obtained as part of the trade of CJ McCollum last February), the 46th choice of Detroit (via a pick swap)

Direction Detroit : 2025 1st round via Milwaukee (protected 1-4), 2025 2nd round, 2022 pick swap (Pistons’ 46th pick becomes 36th), most favorable 2026 second-round pick between Portland and New Orleans

By obtaining Jerami Grant, the Blazers have just strengthened significantly on the wing. Jerami is a player who has shown himself capable of averaging 20 points in a mediocre team, but who has also shown in the past that he can be a valuable element on both sides of the pitch in a competitive team. like the one in Denver. At the Nuggets, when he played in a more limited role than in Detroit, he represented an excellent 3&D with a success percentage approaching 39% of the parking lot while ensuring big defensive missions on the best NBA wingers. Athletic and with an ideal physique for a forward, Grant will tick a lot of boxes at the Blazers alongside Damian Lillard. Is he the kind of player who will allow Portland to return directly to the heights of the West? Probably not, but he’s bound to make the Blazers more competitive. After this arrival, we will obviously continue to monitor Portland’s offseason, which not only still has the #7 pick but also has some internal files to manage, including the contract extensions of Anfernee Simons and Jusuf Nurkic, respectively. restrictive and non-restrictive free agent. FYI and speaking of an extension, Grant will be entering the final year of his current deal and will be eligible for a four-year, $112 million extension.

On the Detroit side, this trade ticks two main boxes. The first is that the Pistons recover capital draft, and the second is that the Michigan franchise wins in cap space. As indicated the salary cap specialistESPN Bobby Marks, the Pistons have not only just created an exception trade of 21 million dollars but these 21 million released above all allow Detroit to have a wage margin of up to 43 million greenbacks, the largest in the entire NBA. Enough to give a lot of options to rebuild well around Cade Cunningham and Co., and potentially place yourself on the Deandre Ayton file as indicated The Athletic. The Pistons, who we remember have the fifth choice in the Draft on Thursday evening, should actually push hard to try to recover the young pivot from the Suns…

By keeping their #7 pick in Jerami Grant’s trade, the Blazers may not have finished their business. The new manager Joe Cronin has used his first cartridge rather well to rebuild Damian Lillard’s team as quickly as possible, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Source texte : ESPN, The Athletic



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