Jennifer Lopez introduces her daughter with the pronoun “they”

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to giving us something to gossip about with the newfound love for Ben Afflek, caused a stir for his latest performance. And, alas, maybe it was simple gossip. Al Blue Diamond Gala organized for baseball champions Los Angeles Dodgers the pop star duet with her fourteen-year-old daughter Emme Maribel Muniz to the tune of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and to make the news was the way the singer chose to present her daughter on stage.

“The last time we sang together it was in a big stadium like this”said Lopez, “And it is since that time that I have not asked They to sing with me “. If once we could have mistaken it for a grammatical typo, today it is a real stance. June, month of Priderainbow microphone for Emme and everything arrives as expected “they” e “them”. After the asterisk, now almost outdated due to its timely diffusion, the plural pronoun has arrived. “They”, used in the singular, refers to a a person who does not identify with either the male or female gender, or who wants to include both genders, or part of both. The binary identity, or the fluid that triumphs.

This is not a big news, in fact, since yesterday the newspapers and radios have done nothing but normalize what happened, showing off as this attempt to escape any classification cool as much as the designer look of Roberto Cavalli chosen by mother and daughter. And if we think that this phenomenon belongs only to the characters of This Is Us or the children of the VIPs are very wrong. To open our eyes already in 2019 il Merriam-Webster, which would be like saying Zingarelli here, he had chosen the so-called word of the year “singular they” indicating it as an important step towards tolerance and inclusion. And if we have understood that reality changes starting from language it goes without saying that the new vocabulary gender-neutral we need fluent doctrine with pronouns on a silver platter.

Come on Jennifer, get back to gossiping in magazines glamour and forget the rainbow propaganda, which we have over our heads.

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