Jeff Green another year at the Nuggets"/>

Denver Nuggets winger Jeff Green has activated his player option and will play alongside Nikola Jokic again next season.

The information was in the pipes for a few days, and it is ESPN’s Tim Bontemps who announced it on his Twitter account: Jeff Green has decided to activate its player option up to 4.5 million dollars. He had until June 30 to do so. The winger will therefore play for the Nuggets next year for a second season. He will then be a free agent next season since he is free of any contract and will be authorized to negotiate and sign with the franchise he wishes.

This extra year is good news for the Nuggets. The 35-year-old veteran has played an important role this season. With the injury of Jamal Murray, who kept him away from the courts all season, Denver needed the players around to show themselves more and Jeff Green responded perfectly. With its 10 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assistthe winger has been impactful in a successful season: 48 wins and 34 losses, at the 6th Western Conference Square.

The good news is also for the front office which can count on a regular and rarely absent player, with a small salary. This season, the veteran has played 75 games out of 82 in the regular season and he started in 63 of these 75 games (notably thanks to the absence of Michael Porter Jr). The course in the playoffs was a little complicated for him, but it was also like his team. The march was too high against the Warriors despite a big Nikola Jokic.

Jeff Green will have even more of a role to play next year after the departure of JaMychal Green au Thunder.

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Jeff Green therefore remains one more year in Denver. Good deal for the front office, for the team and good choice for the player. In short, everyone is happy in Colorado.

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