JCH youth takes first place in the team competition in Lünen | SKU

Judo: After a long Corona break, it was now getting serious for the young judoka. A district individual championship for the age groups U11 and U13 took place in Lünen. This was about qualifying for the individual district championships. In the U15 and U18, the ranks were fought out in tournament form on this day. The JCH judoka were highly motivated and were able to win first place in the team ranking. Coaches, supervisors, parents and fans were proud of the performance shown.

Here are the placements in detail:
district master / 1 Platz / U11: Theo Felix Behrend, Anton Schlenker, Nicolas Reuber, Luzia Mohr, Hannah Rauer, Felice Mallepree, and Elena Schmid.
2. Platz/U11: Mats Willert, Marlon Schreiner, Tristan Graff, Mats Held, Mia-Elaine Willinzig, Emily Marie Mahnert.
3. Platz / U11: Mateo Grbesa, Adrian Witteler, Hannah Brexeler, Qinqin Yang
5th place / U11: Fynn Luca Hilbk.

district master / 1. Platz / U13: Oskar Schlenker, Antonio Mallepree, Phillipp Lausmann, Nike Schreiner, and Joline Wortmann.
2. Platz / U13: Mara Pinho Fernandes 3. Platz: Levke Hülhoff.
district tournament:
U15 / 1st place: Arno Graff, Kevin Krist
U18 / 1st place: Jaron Schankat, 2nd place Mathis Graf, 3rd place: David Buschmann, 5th place: Jonas Hanke.

picture line: The JCH judoka were able to win first place in the team ranking at district level.


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