James Rodríguez is certain: Nicolás Córdova will continue in Al-Rayyan | Colombians Abroad

Uncertain days for James Rodríguez who does not live a calm day on his vacation. His ordeal happens because he has not been able to confirm his new team despite still having a contract with Al-Rayyan. Undoubtedly, James has already maintained discontent with him in Qatar, and is looking for new airs, but all are rumors so far.

With the testimonies of Néstor Lorenzo maintaining that James Rodríguez will continue to be called up to the national team, the Colombian will have to hurry his new destiny to join the group and begin to have that regularity within the pitches with the aim of recovering his level. Injuries have also accompanied him, reducing his continuity.

Rumors address the future of James Rodríguez, but for now there is no concrete confirmation given the interests of Galatasaray that sounded recently, West Ham, Valencia and a possible return to Everton despite fading over time. Thus, the certainty for now is that he will have to return to Al-Rayyan in July to prepare for his league debut on August 1.

Along the same lines, what is concrete in the Colombian’s future is that Al-Rayyan confirmed that Nicolás Córdova will continue on the Qatari bench. The Chilean took the reins after Laurent Blanc with the mission of getting out of relegation. He got seven wins, two draws and five losses in 14 games managed.

Al-Rayyan confirmed it with the following statement, ‘Nicolás Córdova will continue to be Al-Rayyan’s coach for the following season’, short and concise to give continuity to the southern strategist. However, it is well known that James Rodríguez will not want to continue at the club and will seek new airs in a sea of ​​rumors without materializing.



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