Jalen Brunson would be on the pads of … Knicks

New day so new rumor, you know the recipe. The Knicks are now in the headlines of the transfer gazette since they would like to do some cleaning up in their workforce. The goal? According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Reportrecover Jalen Brunson, lieutenant of Luka Doncic and author of a superb Playoffs campaign with the Mavericks.

The Knicks are a bit like Manchester United in football. Under every great player tweet you always find one or two replies” Come to New York ». Almost all of the NBA passes through the NY roster between July and August, a pity because for the moment the best who have finally come to the Big Apple have settled in Brooklyn. Come on, past the little valves, we’re tackling the real piece of the day. Jalen Brunson so it’s a spring epic at 21.6 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.7 assists. Add two or three cards inflicted on the Jazz in particular, and that gives you a player who perfectly knew how to lead the boat in the absence of Luka Doncic. When the king returns? No worries because even when Aragorn Lulu is on the floor, Jalen does not hesitate to take the shots, and to return them. For the Mavs, it’s all good because having such a reliable second offensive option is absolutely not a luxury in the Playoffs. Concern: this luxury will have a price next year. The Mavericks will have a hard time getting out the 85 million dollars that the young man is asking to continue to officiate with the Unicorns.

If you don’t see the Knicks connection, guess what, neither do we. A winning team, with a pleasantly surprising player: no doubt, Julius Randle’s head is already lying in the ” Who is this ? ». However, it is the Bockers who could get their hands on this good Jalen Brunson. How ? Well by giving him the dineros he simply asks for. Be careful, not everything is likely to be simple and Catoche à la compta will probably spend evenings inquiring coffee after coffee. 25 million is the amount the Knicks need to free up in their current payroll to hope to catch the eye of the target. So we’re going to have to send end-of-mission letters to some guys in the workforce. Kemba Walker? Derrick Rose? In any case, the arrival of a position 1 in Manhattan should logically push one of those present towards the exit. Now only remains to know who.

Jalen, how would you like to bring your talent back to the biggest Zetazouni metropolis? In any case, all the Knicks fans wanted to see you wearing their team’s tunic. Of course this will have a price, but New York is the city of all possibilities.

Sources : Marc Stein / Bleacher Report



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