Ja Morant threatens the Warriors and drops a wild promise!

Not very friendly with some Warriors, Ja Morant tangled with Draymond Green throughout the day. The exchange continued on Twitter, to the point that the two men wanted to settle it on a basketball court. The Grizzlie has completely let go, and promises hell to its opponents: can’t wait for this confrontation.

Even with a And Morant in full health, the Grizzlies failed to compete with the Warriors in these playoffs. Ja Morant is however not of the same opinion, since the leader has already repeated that the outcome could have been different, at least if he had managed not to hurt himself. It’s a pretty daring statement, especially when you see the level of play of the Dubs in these very impressive playoffs. But what do you want, Ja is not known to have a lack of confidence.

Next year ? Count on the leader to return to the front of the stage, and do very badly with his team. Memphis wants to take a step forward, with why not a presence in the grand final to celebrate, despite still strong competition in the Western Conference. Morant is very hot, evidenced by his clash with Draymond Green this Sunday on Twitter.

Ja Morant hot to face Warriors

The two men may respect each other, but it’s clear there’s some tension in the air. They continued their exchange, with a given appointment: Christmas. Green has no problem playing the Grizzlies on Christmas Day, but a reminder that the meeting will necessarily take place in San Francisco, since the Dubs are champions a title. A fact that Morant obviously did not know.

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The champions play at home my little one! It’s Christmas Day…

Has the NBA planned a Memphis-Golden State matchup? Impossible to know, but given the certain tensions present between these two franchises, one can imagine that this will be the case. Morant wants to fight it out anyway, and promises Californians hell:

I come for you then. Tell them to set the date. I am on your back.

More determined than ever, Ja Morant wants to face the Warriors and take the victory by the way. Lots of animosity between the two teams, which promises an explosive clash next season. Given the debate, we hope that the NBA has planned something heavy for Noël.



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