Iván Martín (Girona FC) suffers from a fibula fracture

Expensive toll that you have to pay Ivan Martin, Villarreal footballer who has played for Girona this second half of the season. Sunday celebrated as one more the promotion of the team to the First Division but he did it having played only 16 minutes and that he had the opportunity to be a starter in the most important match of the course. The fault of all this, an entry by Alex Corredera near the quarter of an hour of play that left him lying on the ground and prevented him from continuing.

The footballer is one more today in the procession celebrating the return to Primera, but he has taken advantage of the day to, among other things, pass a relevant medical examination to determine exactly what type of injury he suffers. Iván Martín has affected the fibula area. This is a fracture, so it will take some time to recover. On the 30th of the same month, the transfer to Girona will no longer be effective and will once again be part of Villarreal.

Ever since he landed in Montilivi last winter market, the attacking midfielder has participated in 19 official parties, 10 of them leaving to the titular equipment. He has accumulated 1,069 minutes but has not been able to score a goal. On Sunday, in Tenerife, he was replaced in the 16th minute by Samu Saiz and went to the bench with tears in his eyes, aware that he had run out of a golden opportunity to experience the ascent from the pitch. .



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