It’s Gaetano Castrovilli’s W-day with miss Rachele Video

Gaetano Castrovilli and Rachele Risaliti © Instagram photos

The long-awaited wedding day has come for Gaetano Castrovilli and Rachele Risaliti. Already the caravan of relatives and friends left Minervino yesterday for Florence to reach the betrothed and celebrate their marriage together. Top secret on the church, reception room and guests, which we will certainly discover by taking a peek at the various social profiles of the guests and of the couple of course.

Federico Chiesa should be Gaetano’s baton, just as different players and coaches are expected who have seen Gaetano at work both in Fiorentina and in the national team.

Meanwhile, last night an “Apulian” style serenade enlivened the eve of the wedding under the bride’s house, complete with a dedicated song (“To you” by Jovanotti) and group dances.

But the wait is all for today, for a wedding that, according to social revelations, was organized by the most famous wedding planner on TV, Enzo Miccio. We will follow the evolution of the party during the day.

All we have to do is send our sincere wishes to Gaetano and Rachele so that their marriage can be prosperous, happy and lasting. Best wishes!!!



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