Italy wins gold in men’s team sword

The Azzurri return to the top of Europe after 23 years. Silver for sabers. Italy first in the medal table with record: 14 podiums

Enterprise of spadisti blues to European fencing of Antalya, Turkey. The quartet consisting of Andrea Santarelli, Federico Vismara, Davide Di Veroli and Gabriele Ciminiwon the gold medal in the team event by beating in the final Israel with the score of 45-32. Davide Di Veroli’s decisive thrust. With the’argento of the sabers (Gregorio, Battiston, Criscio and Passaro), Italy closes at first place in the medal table con 14 poiabsolute blue record.

Italy did not win gold at the European Championships in the team sword test from Bolzano 1999. The Azzurri beat the Czech Republic in the scoreboard of 16 with a score of 45-34 and then passed in the quarterfinals Swiss thanks to an excellent last fraction of Davide Di Veroli who recovered from 34-38 to the final 45-41 scoring 11 hits that allowed the Azzurri to reach the semifinals. Here another match in the sign of comebacks: the France of individual gold Yannick Borel was above 30-23, but the blues did not give up and with Gabriele Cimini, who made a 9-4 run, they started the comeback, continued in the sign of Di Veroli who put priority the jab of 45-44. The final was instead one-way, with the Italians leading from start to finish, finishing 45-32.

Medal ofargento for the sabers blue to the Europeans. Rossella Gregorio, Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio and Eloisa Passaro in any case they obtained a result that had not arrived since 2001. The gold went to France, who dominated 45-23, but previously the Italians were the protagonists of a good race that deservedly brought them to the podium. In the quarterfinals the girls of the coach Nicola Zanotti were under 25-20 against Turkey, then a great performance by Rossella Gregorio, who until then had been kept at rest, brought the situation back to the advantage for Italy, who finished 45-40. Great team performance in the semifinals againstHungarydefeat 45-38.

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Italy thus closes the European Championships in Antalya 2022 al first place in the medal table with 14 podiums, absolute record for a blue expedition in the continental event. In Turkey, four golds were won (with the foil player Daniele Garozzo, the women’s and men’s foil teams and the men’s sword team), seven silvers (with Arianna Errigo in the foil, Luca Curatoli in the saber, Rossella Fiamingo in the sword, Tommaso Marini in the sword). foil, Rossella Gregorio in the saber, the team of swordsmen and sabers) and three bronzes (Alice Volpi in women’s foil, the swordsman Mara Navarria and the foil player Giorgio Avola).



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