It is the team that brings the most fans to the stadium in Colombia.

The support of its fans has also been vital in the campaign that Atlético Nacional has been carrying out in the Betplay 1-2022 League. This semester they have accompanied him at home 454,742 fans.

As usual, Green fans make a difference when it comes to attending the stadium to cheer on your team.

The King of Cups has the best average attendance in the entire country this semester (32,481 viewers).

The meeting that more fans attended (44,000) is the final against Tolima.

Meanwhile, the party to which the least fans attended the purslane was the commitment against Deportivo Pereira (20,257)which took place on a Friday, when many fans cannot attend due to work commitments.

The general attendance in the semifinal phase was remarkable. To the game of the first date of the home runs, Before Millionaires, 42,419 people attended, while the commitment to Bucaramanga 31,795 fans arrived.

For Patricio Arturo Cifuentes, a western member of the club, it is a necessity to go frequently to Atanasio. “There are many things that motivate me to go to the stadium, among them the love for the colors, for the shirt; that is a feeling like that of a father to a son or that of a son for his father; the stadium is our home and Nacional is the reason for an inexplicable love”, he expressed.

Naturally, those who accompanied the team throughout the semester could not miss the final. Not in vain, 44,000 people (approximate figure) meet on the maximum stage from Antioquia to watch the first game against Tolima.

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This semester’s is one of the best attendance averages of Atlético Nacional in recent years, despite the discontent left in a large part of the fans by the early elimination of the Copa Libertadores.

It is only surpassed by the second half of 2015, when the club finished with an average of 34,477 spectators. At that time, with Reinaldo Rueda in the technical direction, the green team lived an idyll with all its partial. Not in vain, in mid-2016 he won the Copa Libertadores title, under the baton of the Valle del Cauca strategist.

Antioquia, at the top

The affinity that exists in Antioquia for soccer is not only reflected in the fans of Atlético Nacional. The fans of Independiente Medellín have the second best average attendance in Colombian professional football, behind the Green.

The People’s Team has an average home attendance of 21,218 spectators, a figure by no means negligible and with which it surpasses several of the so-called large teams in the country.

Round robin phase

National – Junior 31,098 fans

National – Tolima 36,204

National – Alliance 27,861

National – Union 22,244

National – Medellin 41,034

National – Jaguars 19,645

National – Santa Fe 25,504

National – America 42,008

National – Once Caldas 27,443

National – Pereira 20,257



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