“It is not worth 2 million euros”: harsh criticism of former Italian goalkeeper David Ospina

David Ospina was harshly criticized by former Italian goalkeeper Salvatore Soviero Image: Getty Images and ilRossoBlu.

In the midst of the hot summer transfer market, there is still a great unknown regarding the future of the Colombian goalkeeper David Ospin. In recent weeks, the strong rumors of a possible transfer to Villarreal or Real Madrid have been diluted and the panorama is still not clear as to which will be the next team in which the coffee grower will stop.

The goalkeeper’s refusal to accept a renewal contract with Napoli was not liked within the team and further complicated his stay on Italian soil. Ospina would be demanding more time and money within the club, an aspect that the boards are not willing to accept.

Faced with the decision not to renew with Napoli, the former Italian goalkeeper Salvatore Soviero, in conversation with the media Radio Mars, hit against the Colombian goalkeeper. For him, the performance that Ospina showed last season does not match the amount of money he is demanding to stay:

“Ask for 3 million net, or 6 gross, to stay in Naples. For me he is not a goalkeeper of 6 million euros. The team drew a line. That money, as I see it, is not worth it. Napoli has shrunk and, today, the whole world has shrunk. David thought he had played in who knows what championship with Napoli…”

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In addition, he stated that David is not even worth 2 million euros in salary and even compared him to Luigi Sepe, current US Salernitana goalkeeper, who passed through the ranks of Napoli and is of a similar age to that of the Colombian, emphasizing that the captain of the Colombia team is nothing special and hasn’t shown something that hasn’t been seen before:

“The directives have put a line on Ospina, going free is difficult because either you are a phenomenon or you are left without a team and honestly he is not worth the money he asks for. There is little money circulating and you have to give the fair value to the potential of a player. Ospina for me is not worth 2 million euros. Napoli have had goalkeepers with the same characteristics: I don’t see any difference between Luigi Sepe and Ospina.

Finally, he closed his comments on David’s situation, emphasizing that around the world there are thousands of young goalkeepers who are much better than him, but who are earning less. He believes that this is where Napoli can make a good investment in the future, but since the situation is urgent, he recalled that the Italian Alex Meret would be the most viable option for the team at the moment.

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Meret is 25 years old, he played a total of 15 games last season in which he conceded 23 goals and was only able to keep a clean sheet four times. Even so, his contractual situation with the club is what positions him as the future starting goalkeeper (as long as Ospina leaves the institution) for the next two seasons.

It should be remembered that the protagonist of these controversial statements, Salvatore Soviero, did not have an outstanding step through professional football. Most of his career he played in teams that played in the Serie B (the Italian Second Division) and was only able to enjoy for a short period of time playing in the top flight under the jersey of Reggina 1914.




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