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Judo rehabilitation is a national qualification that can recover from injuries such as bruise, sprain, dislocation, and fracture by methods other than surgery and medication. You may be more familiar with “Honetsugi,” “Sekkotsuin,” and “Osteopathic clinic.”

In addition to rehabilitation for injuries caused by accidents and the aftereffects that accompany them, this work covers a wide range of things necessary to maintain a healthy body, such as support for smooth movement of the body that has become difficult to move due to various factors.

So how do you become a judo rehabilitator? In this article, I will explain in detail about the exam qualifications, their conditions, and whether you can get it by yourself.

What is a Judo rehabilitation teacher?

A judo rehabilitator is a national qualification holder who is authorized to actually perform the procedure at a sekkotsuin or an osteopathic clinic. I think it’s similar to a chiropractor, but it’s actually completely different.

While a chiropractor is not a national qualification and cannot be treated, a judo rehabilitator is a national qualification and can lead to recovery through exercise therapy and appropriate guidance as well as treatment.

Therefore, not only health insurance but also various types of insurance (automobile liability insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, etc.) can be applied.

Although he is such a judo rehabilitator, he cannot acquire it by himself because many examination qualifications and conditions are set before he can actually acquire the qualification and start a business. Now, let’s take a closer look at what conditions you need to meet in order to become a Judo rehabilitation teacher.

To become a judo rehabilitator, you cannot obtain a qualification by self-education

To work as a judo rehabilitator, you need to meet the following conditions.

1, Pass the Judo Rehabilitation National Examination
2, Register as a Judo rehabilitation teacher

If you look at this, you may feel the possibility, but the most important “qualification to take the Judo Rehabilitation National Examination” is not easy.

That is because it is necessary to clear all the following conditions.
1, graduated from high school
2. Enroll in a school designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology or a training facility designated by the prefectural governor.
3. Acquire necessary knowledge and skills
Graduation (or expected to graduate) after attending school for 4 or 3 years or more

Therefore, even if you grab a reference book in the room and study by yourself and get a perfect score, you will not be able to stand on the starting line unless you have cleared the exam qualifications in the first place.

What are the exam qualifications and qualification acquisition conditions required to become a judo rehabilitation teacher?

Judo rehabilitation teachers, who have high hurdles before they can actually perform the treatment, are still the qualifications they want to aim for.

It’s not impossible just because you can’t get it by yourself and it takes time to qualify for the exam. The appeal of Judo rehabilitation teachers is that they can still aim for them. In this section, we will explain in detail the exam eligibility and acquisition conditions.

Eligibility for Judo Rehabilitation | Complete the curriculum at a training facility and graduate

By attending a training school for at least 3 years, you will be eligible to take the Judo Rehabilitation Examination. There are three types of training schools: university, junior college, and vocational school, and it is important to select one within a reasonable range in your current life while also utilizing the night club.

Since this condition is mandatory, there are a wide variety of things to learn, so you may not be able to graduate if you step in with a light feeling that you should graduate.

Check the school schedule and how to proceed as closely as possible in advance, and compare it with your own life and goals.

Studying a judo rehabilitation teacher at a university or junior college

The advantage of a four-year university is that graduation itself becomes a status, and if you are an general university, you can gain a wide range of knowledge in various departments while you are still in school.

The disadvantages are that the tuition fee will be high and that the learning will not be specialized for judo rehabilitation teachers, so it will be inferior in terms of concentration.

On the other hand, the merit of junior college is that in addition to being able to intensively study judo rehabilitation teachers because of the 3-year system, the conditions are cleared one year earlier than that of a 4-year general university, so you can qualify for the exam early. Is to be done.

The disadvantage is that it is lumped together with a vocational school in terms of educational background, and it is inevitably seen lighter than a four-year university.

Studying a judo rehabilitation teacher at a vocational school

A vocational school is also an effective choice for qualifying for a judo rehabilitation teacher. The merit is that you can concentrate on learning about Judo rehabilitation teachers and you can graduate in the minimum of 3 years.

And there are many schools all over the country. Some even have dormitories and hospitals, so you can find a school that suits your life and budget.

The disadvantages are that the quality of learning varies from school to school and that the educational background is a vocational school graduate. The hurdles for admission are lower than those of universities, and it is true that some schools prioritize earning profits rather than raising them.

Therefore, be sure to collect information and make your own choices. In any case, if you have a sense of purpose, you will be able to acquire skills and knowledge, so it is important not to lose sight of your progress toward your goals.

Studying a judo rehabilitation teacher at night school

Some universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools have night clubs. If you meet the condition that you must graduate from the designated school for 3 years or more, you will be eligible to take the exam, so there is no problem even at night school.

The merit is that even if you are already working as a member of society, you can go to school while maintaining your current life, and the tuition fee is low. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it will take time because the number of frames per day is small.

However, even if you realize the appeal of Judo rehabilitation teachers after you go out into society, you can still aim for it while maintaining your current income, so it is a recommended option.

It will be difficult to manage your own physical condition and schedule, but it is also effective in expanding the range of career changes and second careers because there are many cases where support for working adults is substantial.

Judo rehabilitation qualification acquisition conditions | Passing the national examination

After clearing the requirements for a judo rehabilitation teacher and successfully qualifying for the exam, it is finally time to take the national exam.

Only after passing this exam can you take a step towards becoming a judo rehabilitator. The content of the exam is a written exam with 200 general questions and 30 compulsory questions, and the passing conditions are to exceed 60% of general questions and 80% of compulsory questions.

There are a wide variety of exam subjects as shown below.

・ Physiology
・Introduction to Pathology
・ Hygiene, public health
・General clinical medicine
・Introduction to Surgery
・Plastic Surgery
・ Rehabilitation medicine
Judo rehabilitation theory and related regulations

Although these contents are well studied at universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools, they are impatient when it comes to actual exams. Therefore, let’s assume the actual performance from the time you are in school and repeat self-study while utilizing the past problem collection.

Judo rehabilitation teacher’s national examination has a passing rate of around 60%

Even if you clear various conditions and qualify for the exam, about 60% of the total can actually pass the national exam for judo rehabilitation teachers.

Although the pass rate was 90% or more, the difficulty of the exam is increasing year by year, and in 2018 it was less than 60%. This has a slightly lower pass rate than other national medical qualifications.

Looking at the pass rate in 2022, 84.7% for “Anma Massage Shiatsushi”, which is similar to Judo rehabilitation teacher. 79% for “physiotherapists” and 75% for “acupuncturists”. However, the pass rate tends to decrease year by year as a whole, so it is necessary to take proper national examination measures without being careful until the end so as not to waste the efforts so far. ..

About national examination measures for those who want to become a judo rehabilitator

As mentioned above, it is necessary to pass the written examination in order to pass the national examination. Unlike school, you have to challenge yourself on the day of the exam, and you can only rely on yourself as you have learned so far.

It is the last fort that has overcome many walls so far, and this is the last condition to become a judo rehabilitator.

Here, we will delve into the national examination measures for becoming a judo rehabilitator.

Judo rehabilitation teacher national examination measures ① Utilization of past questions

Focusing on trying out the results of learning by repeatedly solving commercially available past questions in any national examination, not limited to judo rehabilitation teachers, and cultivating strengths and weaknesses while fixing them in memory and getting even one high score Will do.

The reason for learning based on past questions is that the national examination tends to ask questions related to past questions.

The more important the content, the more different the expression, but the essence of the question itself does not change and the question is asked repeatedly every year, so if you repeatedly study the past questions and lay the foundation for knowledge, 70% of the total It is said that you can get points within a reasonable range.

Judo rehabilitation teacher national examination measures ② utilization of the application

Did you know that a dedicated countermeasure app has also been released for the Judo Rehabilitation National Examination? Even if you always carry a heavy collection of questions with you, it’s difficult to open and see them easily.

In such a case, if you have this app, it will be the time until the other party arrives at the meeting and the time until the item ordered at the restaurant arrives. Even a small amount of time, such as traveling time by train, can quickly solve past questions with a smartphone.

There is a huge amount of past questions in the palm of your hand, ranging from the 18th to the 12th year, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this.

In order to concentrate and study firmly, it is necessary to open past questions at the desk, but by using such an app, you can naturally incorporate national examination preparation into your life like a quiz, so the result is big. It will change.

Learn effectively and become a judo rehabilitator

Judo rehabilitation teacher who has a low passing rate of the national examination written in comparison with other medical qualifications, if he thinks that he has finally obtained the examination qualification after clearing the condition of studying at a school designated by the country for 3 years or more. However, on the flip side, it means that the procedure requires more accurate knowledge and skills.

Let’s aim to be a reliable judo rehabilitator who correctly understands the examination qualifications and qualification acquisition conditions, and leads patients with various problems to health by appropriate treatment.

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