Invasion of area in Daniel Cataño’s penalty in the final Nacional vs Tolima | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

National Athletic was consecrated champion of the BetPlay League 2022-I and reactions to it do not stop coming. It is not for less, the final duel against the Sports Tolima It was loaded with controversy for both teams.

Precisely in the play that sentenced the course of the game, Daniel Cataño’s missed penalty and his subsequent expulsionthere was a detail that caught the attention in the preview of the collection.

On the Win Sports program ‘Long Saque’, Julián Téllez, a former soccer player and now a panelist, questioned the validity of the maximum penalty for an alleged purslane area invasion.

Téllez, along with everyone present, detailed the controversial situation, which was obviously not taken into account by the VAR during the match.

It shows that before Cataño’s payment, Danovis Banguero, who had a weak game by the way, invades the area before Cataño hits the ball. Aspect that according to Téllez and as the same regulation says, he forces the repetition of the collection.

Now, Danovis is not the only one who invaded the area. In the lower part of the shot, Juan Fernando Caicedo also appears in forbidden prohibition. It is worth clarifying that neither of the two “offenders” is stepping on the area but has the body advanced.

The controversy broke out because according to the FIFA regulations, in the event that players from both teams invade the field, the referee must repeat the charge.

See here what happened:



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