Indonesia Masters 2022 Results: Apri/Siti Advance to Finals!

Indonesia Masters 2022 Results: Apri/Siti Advance to Finals!

Apriyani Rahayu/Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti advanced to the final of the Indonesia Masters 2022. They beat Pearly Tan/Thinaah Muralitharan 21-23, 21-14, and 21-14.

In the match Indonesia Masters 2022 At Istora, Senaya, Jakarta, Saturday (11/6/2022) afternoon WIB, Apriyani/Siti played solidly at the start of the first game. They lead 6-3 in a duration of four minutes.

Siti’s return on the net earned Tan/Thinaah points. The placement of Tan’s shuttlecock was precise, outwitting Apriyani/Siti. Tan/Thinaah continued to gain points, tan’s smash made the position equal 6-6.

The course of the first game interval was exciting, chasing after points up to 10-10. Tan’s wide return led to points for Apri/Siti, they were 11-10 ahead while wiping the sweat away.

Apriyani’s precise service placement resulted in points. Successive points are earned with one hard smash of Siti. Score 13-10.

Margin three points docked at 15-14 position. Siti’s shot went wide. The position returned to balance 15-15 after Thinaah’s smash entered.

Apriyani’s strike resulted in another point, the shuttlecock towards Tan’s face failed to return. The score is back in balance. Pursue chasing points until the score is 18-18.

Smash Tan got a challenge from Open / Sites, but the ball goes in. Tan/Thinaah lead 19-18. Tan’s strike resulted in another point, the margin is now two points.

Apri/Siti cut points with Tan’s outs. The score was again the same after Thinhaah failed to cross the shuttlecock. The first game continues setting. Tan/Thinaah finally won the first game, the final score was 23-21 in 23 minutes.

The second game was running, Apri/Siti was immediately depressed. Tan/Thinaah lead 3-1 early in the game. Apri/Siti could equalize at 4-4.

Apri/Siti’s battle with Tan/Thinaah was tight in the first interval of the second game. Follow the numbers up to a score of 9-9. After that, Apri/Siti gained successive points so they could lead 11-9 at the interval.

Tan/Thaniaah grabbed Apriyani’s heavy blow. Then Apri/Siti’s coordination error made the score back at 11-11.

Two of Thinaah’s mistakes resulted in points for Apri/Siti. Apri/Siti’s points continued to grow until they were ahead 15-11. Apri/Siti were not overtaken in the second game, winning 21-14.

In the deciding game, Apri/Siti could play better. At the interval, they were able to lead 11-8. The points margin for Apri/Siti’s advantage was up to six points at 16-10, Apri/Siti was not overtaken again to win with a score of 21-

The final round Indonesia Masters 2022, Apri/Siti will play Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan. The Chinese pair won over Joeng Na-eun/Kim Hye-jeong with a score of 21-12 and 21-13.

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