Independiente, without showing off, advanced to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup: they beat Atlético Tucumán and go for Vélez

advanced. It cost him and he had to suffer almost to the end, but in the end Independiente, who played more than half an hour with one more player, ended up beating Atlético Tucumán by the minimum (1-0) and got into the round of 16 of the Argentine Cupinstance in which it will be measured with Velez.

From the start, the Avellaneda team assumed the leading role in Jujuy, betting on a vertical and deep game. In fact, after 2 minutes he put the goal of the Tucuman team at risk with a free kick from Leandro Fernandez that was deflected by the goalkeeper Lampe.

Although the Dean responded immediately with a cross shot from Pereyra that excited all the Tucuman fans, the Red continued to generate danger in the rival field, although he did not know how to crystallize that superiority in the network.

At 20, in what was the clearest play, Fernández he wasted an unbeatable counterattack (they were four against two) by defining with little conviction. And from there Atlético reacted. He adjusted some pieces and began to balance the match, to the point of finishing with a better image in the first half. He even he could have gone to halftime ahead, but Sosa was lucid to bail quickly and prevent the cry of Ruiz Rodriguezat 33 minutes.

In the complement, little and nothing happened until minute 13, when the Dean was left with one less player due to Thaller’s expulsion. Immediately Eduardo Domínguez moved the bench to introduce an offensive change (Cazares entered for Insaurralde), but still Independent it cost him

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Even at 20, the team led by Pusineri sniffed out the goal with a violent shot from Isnaldo what Sosa He had to control in two stages.

And at 30, Ruiz Rodriguezz went face to face with Sosa, but the Uruguayan goalkeeper covered with one hand the shot destined for the net. And the goals that are not scored in a goal… Yes, they are paid in the goal itself: At 33 minutes, when all Atlético was still regretting the wasted chance, the Red found the opening of the scoreboard with a missile from the Ecuadorian Cazares that left Lampe without reaction.

A) Yes, Avellaneda’s team got into the round of 16 and maintains the dream of going far in the federal competition.



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