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After finishing their participation in the I-2022 League, the squad of the Sports Independent Medellin He is on vacation, but the red leadership has no rest and is already focused on what the squad will be for next season. In dialogue with the program ‘El gran combo del deporte’ on ‘Múnera Eastman Radio’, the executive president of the DIM Daniel Ossa spoke about the news of the powerful team

There are three players whose contract expires on June 30: Sebastián Hernández, Edwar López and Panamanian Miguel Camargo. “We sent the notice letter to those three players, as required by labor. We are evaluating them and until the last day of the contractual relationship, we will announce the decision whether to continue or not. In the case of López and Camargo, they are players who were affected by injuries and could not have continuity. The Hernández thing, the player has not had continuity, despite being in good condition. We are evaluating everything, as we do not have much competition, we must be cautious. We are also going to evaluate the economic issue and the players must continue on the squad, they must be in full condition”, Ossa remarked.

Another player who is close to ending his contract is Diber Cambindo, a player who had arrived from América de Cali in mid-2021. According to the president, “with (Diber) Cambindo, we are ready with the player to continue for six more months, there remains define an economic issue with Deportes Quindío”.

As for Christian Marrugo and his possible arrival, the leader explained that “we are finalizing issues, there is mutual interest and it will take days, hours to present it, we will make every effort to have it.”

Continuing with the topic of incorporations, Daniel commented that “there will be few, a maximum of two. We have fewer commitments (League and Copa Colombia), we are going to have between 23 and 24 players. We are looking for an advanced steering wheel and will also check in the back (centre).”

Turning to the topic of the next coach, Ossa said that “we are evaluating Colombians and foreigners. We are in the first analysis, we are going to take until the following week, we do not want someone who is available, but the right person. Many resumes of Spanish and Portuguese technicians have arrived, that has surprised us, but it is not the idea either, we are taking the prudent time”.

In addition, on the rumor of Hubert Bodhert, the manager explained that “he is a good coach, a protagonist in the championship, but at the moment he is not in the folder”.

Daniel spoke about the departure of Bryan Castrillón to Unión de Santa Fe in Argentina. “Unión followed up for months, he is on loan for a year and a half with a purchase option, hopefully he will consolidate himself in Argentine soccer. It would be very important for the institution to have a benchmark player in the south of the continent”.

Finally, the leader spoke about various rumors about Andrés Ricaurte, Luciano Pons and Juan David Mosquera. “For (Andrés) Ricaurte there are no offers, he has a year and a half more contract. He is calm with the team. De Luciano (Pons), he has a contract until December, if they want something with the player, they should talk to us first. we have until the end of the year to define if we make use of the option, we will see its performance, although the dollar issue is difficult to do business with”. They ask a lot about Juan David (Mosquera), he is one of the players to show, surely he will be called to the Colombian National Team. We are happy with him, we are going to mature him and keep him in the team”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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