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The story of Julio Comesana, as everyone knows, came to an end a few days ago. After his departure was announced, the Uruguayan spoke about what happened, at that moment, in the heat, after the elimination of the home runs and having something in mind, to start drawing the second semester.

As if it was something already premeditated or expected, his departure little surprised him. Now, outside of the powerful and taking advantage of his time, Comesaña spoke with FUTBOLRED. The illusion was left aside, from that reunion that took place six months ago, since the history of the Uruguayan and the DIM go hand in hand, when he arrived at the institution, in the 80s.

Beyond the start, the planning he had with the team. In addition, the lack of communication with managers, thinking about the future, made him aware of the situation and what would happen over time.

Balance season with Medellín: It was positive, I think according to last year, the culmination of the season, where an improvement was shown. Did not reach. This semester we grew, soccer stability was achieved, achieving results. We didn’t lose at home, until the duel against Tolima. Outside we started without getting results, then this changed. The balance was growing, we did an important job and I would say that it is a big step for what we thought was going to happen in the second semester.

It was not possible, it was cut there. It would be good for the club to build on what has already been done.

Little communication with the board of directors for the future and exit: I do not know if I’m interested. I only know that the board made the decision to change the coaching staff, without asking. That meant they didn’t want me and I wasn’t going to be here anymore. The reasons don’t worry me, because I know there was more to the good ones than to make this decision. I will not claim anything. I will go to a place where they love me.

The farewell with the squad was the night before, after winning against Equidad. We were chatting at the hotel, giving them information about what was to come, a few days’ rest and the date to return. We congratulate them for the effort, we made it clear that it was not easy for us to meet again. We understood with Professor Franco that we had to solve several important problems for the campus, we hoped to meet the next day with the directives. But the meeting was to communicate that to us.

Planning for the other season, with what I had: I have the draft on my cell phone, written things. We looked at them with Professor Franco. There were 11 points to attack, resolve. In most, they are important and on that the task with the professional team was based. It was an individual evaluation of the squad, minutes played, performance, injuries. The needs that we had in positions, who ended their contract and others.

All that we should have talked about months before, to follow up. It wasn’t like that, the difficulties to continue were going to exist, even if they didn’t kick me out, I wasn’t going to continue. I didn’t even ask and that’s how it stayed.

Directing possibilities: It is not a time to take teams. Those who have already changed have. I don’t see where there can be a movement, I rest a bit. I dedicate myself to reading a lot, pending things, reflecting on this stage of work. Watch football and everything that this profession has.

Favorite to win the League: I think Tolima was a more structured team, with more time together. Nacional came with difficulties, but it must be recognized that they had an excellent second half with the entry of Andrade, they went on the attack with determination. The goals were very nice, Candelo’s great goal hit him with great precision. I’m not saying that everything is finished, Tolima is a good team. Nacional will arrive with a strong mood, Tolima is a good team, they will have to take risks and Nacional will take advantage of that. I find it very difficult, but not impossible, to trace the result.

Junior Semester: I cannot comment, because I have a good relationship with Juan Cruz. I haven’t seen him at work. What I know is from his clubs. Junior had an acceptable start, with a bump. He managed to finish off the championship with conditions. He made merits to get to where he was. Unfortunately he couldn’t beat Nacional. There is an expectation for the next season, for them to develop the work, how they are going to restructure.

Sergio Cortes
FUTBOLRED Editorial Office



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