In Valle del Cauca the seed of sport and values ​​grows with 16,000 children and young people

Santiago de Cali, June 22, 2022. Encouraging the good use of free time and the practice of sports in Valle del Cauca is one of the pillars of the departmental government that, through the ‘Sports Seedbeds’ program, provides free training for children and young people from all corners of the department.

“The ‘Semilleros Deportivos’ program is, without a doubt, one of the projects that is close to my heart because it allows us to reach more than 16,000 children and young people between the ages of 7 and 17. There are 338 monitors with whom we reach the municipalities, townships, villages and indigenous reservations, throughout the department,” said Governor Clara Luz Roldán, highlighting the benefits of free sports training, training, follow-up and monitoring for minors.

“It is very exciting because this allows us to discover all those talents that today make us shine in Colombia and the world as the sports department of America,” he added.

There are 29 sports disciplines including underwater activities, chess, athletics, adapted athletics, badminton, handball, basketball, baseball, boxing, BMX, cycling, mountain biking, soccer, indoor soccer, indoor soccer, American football, gymnastics, hapkido, karate-do , weightlifting, Olympic wrestling, swimming, orienteering, skating, rugby, archery, taekwondo, table tennis and volleyball.

These young athletes participate in sports festivals that allow them to go from practice to competition. “The ‘Sports Seedbeds’ have done an important job, especially feeding the generational change for our Valle del Cauca. We have been able to contribute new sports promises in national and international events”, pointed out Carlos Felipe López, manager of Indervalle.

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Monica Santacruz
Valley Government Journalist

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