In the Neapolitan area a minor reported or arrested every 36 hours – Campania

365 weapons seized in 5 months. The budget of the Carabinieri

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 01 JUN – Daggers, katanas, baseball bats.

Bombs stuffed with nails, Kalashnikovs, crossbows, handmade pistols, ‘pipe bombs’, sniper rifles, And even steel brass knuckles, kitchen knives, medieval axes, machine guns, hand grenades and even rockets, of those used in the Balkan war .

A vast sample in the list of kidnappings made by the Carabinieri of the provincial command of Naples.

Instruments stolen especially from very young people, carried around during the nightlife, in the evenings for clubs or even at school, in the classroom.

The provincial Carabinieri command of Naples has long been promoting targeted services with particular attention to the youngest.

Repression, therefore, but also prevention. On the street and in schools, with various initiatives to promote dialogue with institutions and the culture of legality.

In the first 5 months of 2022, the carabinieri of Naples and its province seized 365 weapons of various kinds. 158 for cutting, 123 for fire and 78 for those defined as improper: to be clear, clubs, brass knuckles, nunchaku and others. Accounts in hand there is talk of almost 3 weapons seized per day.

365 potential threats that result in 153 reports in a state of freedom for illegal carrying of weapons and 37 arrests. Among these also minors: 37 those reported, 3 those ended up in handcuffs.

An alarming figure that tells of 1 minor reported or arrested every 36 hours. The most common excuse? “I need it to defend myself!”. And often those who have a knife in their hands or in their pockets do not know that they are a potential bringer of violence in addition to committing a crime. (HANDLE).