In tears, Zinchenko reveals his determination to go to the World Cup with Ukraine


Ukrainian National Team determined to pass to 2022 World Cup for the sake of giving happiness to its people who are suffering in the midst of the Russian invasion. This is expressed by their players, Oleksandr Zinchenko.

“When it comes to football, the team, we have our own dreams. We want to go to the World Cup, give happiness to the Ukrainian people because they really deserve it at this time,” said the Manchester City defender, quoted by the BBC.

Since the war started last February, the situation in Ukraine is no longer the same. Many fled to seek shelter, but not a few survived.

Football has also been affected. The Ukrainian league this season, which was initially temporarily suspended, has finally been suspended. FC Mariupol and Desna Chernihiv even had to miss next season because the club’s infrastructure was damaged by the war.

The same goes for World Cup qualifiers. Ukraine, which was scheduled to play Scotland in the playoffs in March, was finally postponed to June. Therefore, the determination to qualify for Qatar is intended so that the Ukrainian people can forget their bad luck for a while.

Zinchenko couldn’t hold back his tears when he talked about the war in his country. Accompanied by coach Oleksandr Petrakov in a press conference ahead of the match, he hopes the war will end soon.

“I also want to say that maybe many countries understand this situation. Today it is Ukraine that is affected, but maybe tomorrow it could be your country. This is why we all need to unite and stop this attack together.”

“I’m sure all of Ukraine will be watching us. We will feel their support. We can talk a lot here, but we also need to prove everything on the pitch. We will try to make our people proud,” said Zinchenko.

Scotland vs Ukraine will be held at Hampden Park, Glasgow on Thursday (2/6/2022) at 01.45 WIB. The winner of this match will meet Wales on Monday (6/6) WIB for one of the three remaining tickets to the World Cup.




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