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Soccer: The U23s of the Holzwickeder Sport Club were able to celebrate early on Sunday evening – the team of dedicated coach Claas Hoffmann managed to stay up in the 8th district league, which is so important for the entire club, with a 2-1 win against the SC Aplerbeck U23s. For the Oberliga squad after the 1:4 at Münster II, the gap was already clear at the end. Before the last day of the game, Holzwickeder SC, who are still in the upper division, are seven points short of a saving place.

And further: The A-Juniors also clearly missed the specified goal of “promotion to the national league”. In the end, in fourth place in the eleven-team district league, eleven points were missing to leader and promoted SpVg Beckum and six points to second, DJK TuS Körne and one point to Westfalia Wethmar. The new season also begins with a mortgage for the team. Since you didn’t play against JSG Wadersloh-Liesborn-Diestedde on the last day of the game due to a lack of personnel, the new season starts with “minus three” – a real burden given the small number of district leagues.

When pointing to “Responsible”, three fingers also point back

What began during the winter break with the commitment of the new sports director and head coach Benjamin Hartlieb has been continued since the decisions in the performance area have now been made. “Fingerpointing”, the new German manager term of pointing to (presumed) those responsible for the deficits, should not exist, but an “honest analysis of all the things that went wrong”. Home misery, change of coach, injury worries, hopeful top performers who were absent for a variety of reasons, individual shortcomings – all of this will come up on the table and will certainly not be worked off and overcome “just like that”.

Because one thing is certain. The HSC leaves the highest Westphalian division, the fifth division, and is back where it was in 2018: the Westphalian league. And in the background there is always the fear and memory of past decades: After relegations, it all too often went further and further down – and old, experienced HSVer think with horror of a fall that almost even “from far up” to the district league would have led.

The last day of the game on Whit Monday against Finnentrop/Bamenohl will not be a “celebration and farewell day”

HSC chairman Udo Speer made it very clear to sku last Sunday: “On the last match day on June 6 against Finnentrop/Bamenohl, there will be no big farewells. We will take the last game very seriously and want to say goodbye to the season and the Oberliga with a good performance and a win if possible.” Instead, the official farewells will take place at the HSC summer party on Saturday, June 18 11 a.m. in the Montanhydraulik Stadium. “We as a board feel this is the right place and time to say goodbye to deserving and departing players. If some are missing for holiday reasons, then we accept that. Nevertheless, this is also an opportunity to present ourselves as a club in a worthy setting,” says Udo Speer.

HSC invites you to the summer party on June 18th in the Montanhydraulik Stadium

This invitation is not only aimed at all football fans in the region, but at all families and citizens. The Holzwickeder Sport Club (HSC) is organizing a big summer party on Saturday, June 18th in the Montanhydraulik Stadium (Jahnstraße 7, Holzwickede). The event starts from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an attractive children’s program. Then the evening begins with music. All guests, especially the young ones, can look forward to a bouncy castle, a playmobile and the opportunity to take off the mini sports badge at lunchtime and in the afternoon. There is also a raffle with attractive prizes. Cakes, waffles, sausages and drinks ensure your physical well-being. The event is also a replacement for the traditional family sports festival, which traditionally takes place in February – but fell victim to the pandemic measures this year and has been canceled completely.

What’s next for the “First”? – Getting back up is a very difficult undertaking

One thing is also clear: With the summer festival on June 18th, the HSC family will come even closer together. But the return to the highest Westphalian league will be a very difficult to almost impossible undertaking. Traditionally, relegated teams have a hard time and have to be careful not to be “passed through”. In addition, Türkspor Dortmund, a very difficult climber with ex-HSCer and record scorer Marcel Reichwein and the outstanding keeper Muhamed Acil, also a former Holzwickeder, have confidently advanced to the Westphalian League 2 and want to march right through. Then there are the fellow relegated Herne, Haltern, very likely Meinerzhagen and probably Hamm. And then there’s the big question of whether the association will place the HSC in the Westphalian League 2 – or in the “1” with opponents like Espelkamp, ​​Peckeloh or Mesum – and the Lüner SV. According to reports, however, the HSC will apply to the association for assignment to “2”. But this league will also have it all. The bad news: there will be no derbies with Westfalia Wickede, probably not Hohenlimburg either, SpVg Hagen or Dröschede, with Borussia Drloeschede being the “record opponent” in terms of the number of test matches. These teams try their luck in the national league. After all, a derby against BSV Schüren is “in”.

picture: The HSC U23, the so-called second, has always spread pure atmosphere. “We come from the Haarstrang sports facility” (we simply leave out the rest for reasons of youth protection) is notorious. The nice song was also heard in the 2:1 success against Aplerbeck II and the associated relegation.


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