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The curtain falls on second day of clashes in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar. The Grand Slam of Judo does not smile at the blue colors: the only representatives Giacomo Gamba and Leonardo Casaglia were eliminated in the debut challenge (category -81 kg).

Both left the tatami after an ippon suffered. Gamba resisted 1’46 “against the South Korean Jooyong Lee, while Casaglia surrendered to the advantage of the host Erdenebayar Batzaya (56 “). The other South Korean triumphs Joonhwan Lee on the Austrian Shamil Borchashvili, bronze for the Dutch Frank De Witt and Takanori Nagase (Japan).

In the category -73 kg maschile vince il russo Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov, at the starting line of the event under the flag of the International Federation. A little bitter place of honor for the Mongolian Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir, third step of the podium for the prerogative of Obidkhon Nomonov (Uzbekistan) e Tohar Butbul (Israel).

Judo, Grand Slam Ulaanbaatar 2022: Japan and Mongolia on the shields on the first day

The Japanese champion Nabi Nabekura grabs the success against the Israeli Gili Sharir in the -63 kg category, with Hungarian Brigitta Varga and the Russian Kamila Badurova relegated to third place. Another Russian, Madina Taimazova, imposes herself in the -70 kg on the Japanese Yoko Ono; Uzbekistan also hit the podium Gulnoz Matniyazova Miriam Butkereit.

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