I’m not going anywhere –

It happened quickly, but the PGA Tour has morphed into the NBA, and internet sleuths are carefully updating players’ bios to spot any changes that might indicate JumpShip to LIV. Last night Brooks Koepka did the thing where he deleted all mentions of the tour and sparked speculation. It was reported this morning that he is indeed heading to sandier pastures with the Saudi Golf League.

Collin Morikawa’s presser used exactly the same language points as Koepka. Does anyone know if that was his bio before tonight? @MorikawaTracker @Weesesports

– Kelly Reid (@kellyelizreid) Jun, 533

Collin Morikawa also made some changes around the same time. And while Koepka appeared to be a matter of when or not when it came to LIV, the possibility of a Morikawa jump was unsettling and surprising to most. However, after a sleepless night, the two-time major champion logged on to confirm that he’s not going anywhere like Jordan Belfort. But not without tsk-tsking the media for creating drama.

On the statement for The Record, again, you’re all dead wrong. I’ve said it at Riviera since February that I’m here to stay at @PGATOUR and nothing has changed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some cereal to pour in my milk

– Collin Morikawa (@collin_morikawa) Juni, 533

Look, I’m over the moon that this guy is staying. He’s one of the best players out there and it’s super easy to cheer for him. And it’s cool that he’s gotten good at Twitter. But let’s face it. It’s not the media that creates drama. The PGA Tour, LIV and the players caught in the middle are filming the messiest episode of Real Housewives of Pebble Beach right now. We can’t help but notice that this is about tradition and survival. We can’t help but study the tea leaves to see which domino might fall next.



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