Iga Swiatek: “I haven’t trained much on grass”

The Polish tennis player Every Swiatek He appeared before the media at a press conference to analyze what his feelings are before his debut at the 2022 Wimbledon tournament, a contest where he starts as the top favorite despite not having achieved good results in recent years.

– Center court will open on Tuesday:

“We didn’t ask for that. I know there’s been a lot of talk about who should open center court that day. I feel privileged to have been chosen. There are a lot of players who have won Wimbledon and deserved that privilege. This is amazing.” for me. I didn’t expect this. I only got to the fourth round last year and that was my best result. Hopefully I can put on a good show this year.”

– The great favorite:

“It’s a difficult question. Honestly, I need to get into a rhythm on this surface. You have to go game by game. This year I’ve only played like ten days on grass. It’s not much. I haven’t had much time to prepare. I just try to keep my mind open and think about positive things. I’ve had a lot of success this season, but we all have ups and downs. We’ll see what the tournament brings.”

– Reason why Swiatek has played little on grass:

“There was no injury or discomfort. I needed time to rest after such an intense season. It wasn’t easy playing so many games in a row and winning titles. I made the right decision to stop to keep in shape.”

– Pressure to be number one in the world:

“I feel normal. It still seems surreal when I say it out loud. But with day to day I’ve gotten used to it. I’m trying to use that position and get the most out of it.”

– Thoughts on Rafael Nadal:

“It’s amazing what he does. I watched the Australian Open final live and I could see how much work he’s putting in to continue at his highest level. Sometimes, when he’s not even playing his best tennis, he gets his guts out and finds solutions in the track. For me he is a great inspiration. The way he is dealing with injuries and the enormous pain they have. There are few athletes like Rafa who can inspire in that way”, concluded the number one in the world.



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