“If we activate the economic levers, Barça will move from the ICU to the ground floor”

BarcelonaBarça’s executive president, Joan Laporta, has appeared in the Senate, made up of Barça’s longest-serving members. The president was very graphic with the economic situation and asked for the support of the social masses to give the green light to the famous levers: “If the partners trust us, the patient will go from the ICU to the plant to receive the latest care If the partner gives us confidence in the June 16 assembly, Barça will be strong again and will be able to compete with the state clubs. “We need to make a profit this year after two years in losses, without jeopardizing the future of the entity. Neither of the two levers should jeopardize the profit and loss account for the coming years.” Laporta stressed that it is necessary to sign this income to prevent Barça from closing the year with losses for the third year in a row.

After the first exhibition, Barça’s economic vice-president, Eduard Romeu, put the finishing touches first with the sale of BLM and then with the sale of some of the audiovisual rights. “It’s important to find investors who can help us sell [samarretes i marxandatge] in territories we cannot penetrate. At what cost will we sell this percentage of the business? We have offers worth 200 million euros for 49% of the company, but we think that thanks to professional work we will be able to get a higher amount. Everyone wants to take advantage of the complicated situation we have. We, however, want to compete with different offers, choose the best partners and save time and more money. That is the goal we have with BLM, “said Romeu.

With regard to the sale of part of the audiovisual revenue of the League matches, the leader acknowledged that “it is not exciting”, although at the same time he admitted that it is “a very simple lever, very clear and that allows solid revenue and stable over time, with a very relative risk for investors. ” Romeu, who recalled that Barça is the club with the highest audience in the League, estimated the annual income from television rights in the League at 166 million euros. “We want to sell between 20% and 25% to external investors for a limited time, applying a criterion of prudence because we see ourselves with heart to reach other agreements, to get other avenues of income, which can neutralize the figure Although we have reached an agreement with Spotify, getting more money is not instantaneous “, explained the Catalan businessman, who recalled, as he has done on other occasions, that Barça needs five years to order its economic side.

First works at the Camp Nou

Regarding Espai Barça, Laporta stated: “We already have a license from Barcelona City Council to start work on the first and second tier of the new Camp Nou. Espai Barça will be the most popular sports and entertainment venue. But we have changed the project because the war in Ukraine has affected us. As for the financing, we have already closed the credit to start the works “. After the exhibitions of Laporta and Romeu, the organization has expelled the journalists from the 1899 Auditorium to finish celebrating the meeting with the most veteran members.



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